NRA Keeps Giving ‘A Ratings’ To Gun Sellouts — What’s Going On?

As the dust settles after another night of wins for gun owners in Missouri, one question remains to be answered: what happened to the NRA?  Or more specifically, why do they keep giving ‘A ratings’ to losers who sell out on gun rights every single time?

We reported yesterday that the Missouri House’s biggest swamp monster, Kathy Swan, lost her race against pro-gun champion Holly Rehder.  Rehder stood far and away as a better candidate on guns, but Swan had the swamp on her side. 

When it came to gun rights, Republican Kathy Swan talked a good game, but had a terrible record.  She was frequently trying to add to the list of misdemeanor offenses that would see citizens losing their guns rights –for life! 

Worse, when Missouri was in the fight of their life for Constitutional Carry and Stand Your Ground, Kathy Swan told the media that she wasn’t sure she would vote for it! On a vote where gun owners needed 109 votes and there were only 116 Republicans — every vote counted — Swan was working for the other side!

This should have been an easy race, right?  But it wasn’t.  Second Amendment Champion Holly Rehder had to fight tooth and nail — with the help of Missouri’s biggest and most powerful gun rights group, the Missouri Firearms Coalition — for a race that ended up a photo finish!  Rehder beat out Swamp Swan by only 141.

There’s not doubt in anybody’s mind that gun owners were the margin that gave Rehder the victory.

A Diluted Rating System Is No Help

Could the fight have been so hard for Rehder because Kathy Swan was walking around bragging about her ‘A’ rating from the NRA? 

Absolutely!  For gun owners who don’t have the time to follow politics, the NRA’s rating system was supposed to save them time and energy researching candidates.

But it’s become nearly a joke!  Swan has an A rating!  John Kasich — who just endorsed Joe Biden — has an A rating! 

For pity’s sake, the NRA has given A ratings to Harry Reid in the past and even now he’s got a B!

Even the Washington Post reported that in 2018, 52 Senators had at least an A- minus rating.  The Post was interested in the four Democrats who had gotten an A- or better but gun owners should have been a lot more upset that so many pathetic, spineless Republicans had gotten the grade. 

51 Republicans were the ‘best of the best’ on guns and still our gun laws didn’t improve one iota?  In fact, just a year later, the bump stock ban was passed!

Political Cover For Cowards

Moderate politicians use these ratings to great effect to confuse gun owners — and it doesn’t hurt anybody except gun owners and their gun rights.

We don’t need moderates who are already willing to sell out from the first moment they get into office.  The left isn’t running moderates.  They’re galvanizing their party in a far-left fighting machine. 

Our gun rights don’t stand a chance if we’re going up against that kind of machine sending moderates willing to compromise on our gun rights.

The broken ratings system of the NRA is hurting gun rights.  Luckily for Missouri’s gun owners, they have an alternative to the NRA that is willing to tell them the truth.  The Missouri Firearms Coalition was hammering away on Kathy Swan, David Cole, and other RINOS the entire campaign — instead of endorsing them!

 A New Era Of Gun Politics

It’s time for a new era of gun politics.  There’s a real sickness at the NRA and we’ve talked about some of it. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

But one thing hasn’t changed: they give out ‘A’ ratings like they’re cheap Halloween candy.  They should be ashamed of themselves for their endorsement of Kathy Swan. 

At this point, their ratings system is a joke.  They’re becoming less and less helpful to gun owners by the day.

We’re in a hell of an election fight all over the country, with Bloomberg trying to flip states all over the country.  Where is the NRA unleashing it’s war chest of our donor dollars to fight back?

They aren’t.  The war chest is empty — but  LaPierre’s bank account is full.

We need gun groups that are out for political blood — not after backroom deals and fancy suits.  Enough is enough with the NRA.