Mike Moon Takes Home The Prize In Missouri Primaries — RINO David Cole Given The Boot

Gun owners in Missouri sent a loud message to Jefferson City last night that was heard all across the state: we are DONE with moderates who won’t stand up for our gun rights!

Mike Moon was running in the primaries for Senate District 29 against David Cole.  Moon, a longtime advocate for gun rights should have been an easy choice for gun owners. After all, Moon had helped lead the fight for Stand Your Ground and Constitutional Carry, which passed in 2016.

On the other side, his opponent. David Cole, had endorsed John Kasich in 2016, rejecting Donald Trump. What’s worse, David Cole is a HUGE advocate for Red Flag Laws!  This guy is a RINO from the ground up!

The campaign should have been about two minutes long, but David Cole had some big anti-gun donors on his side. Backed by hundreds of thousands of dollars of outside money,  Cole wasn’t going to go down without a fight.

State Gun Group Went To War

The Missouri Firearms Coalition is a grassroots gun rights organization made up of tens of thousands of Missourians who are tired of watching RINOS sell them out on the issue of gun rights.

MOFC mobilized members across Senate District 29, hitting Cole on all sides and pointing out that Mike Moon had stood strong for gun rights for years.

MOFC made sure gun owners weren’t confused about who to vote for.  Radio spots went out on nearly every station in the district.  Check out this one minute radio ad:


But radio doesn’t reach everybody, so MOFC deployed television ads, as well.  Those TV ads left a mark, too, with more than 50,000 views on MOFC’s Facebook page alone:




For gun owners who wanted to sink their teeth into more than one-minute hit pieces, Aaron Dorr, the Policy Director at Missouri Firearms Coalition delivered once again.

These ‘whiteboard’ videos helped to sink David Cole’s campaign faster than his out-of-state leftist donors could prop him up!

Grassroots Done RIGHT

Thanks to grassroots gun owners donations, the MOFC was able to blitzkrieg sellout Republican David Cole.  The onslaught was too much for Cole’s campaign to stay afloat.

MOFC mobilized gun owners, who turned out at the polls to give Mike Moon the victory.  In fact, Moon won by almost 5%!

And make no mistake: in a race that was a foregone conclusion to the big-dollar candidate, Mike Moon’s victory by almost 5%  won’t go unnoticed by other Republicans in Jefferson City who might have considered stabbing gun owners in the back.