Republican John Kasich – Given “A Rating” By NRA – Will Speak At DNC And Endorse Anti-Gun Biden

We’ve written a lot about the demise of the NRA in the last few years.  Current events give us another great example.

Yesterday, news broke that former Ohio Governor Kasich will not only attend the Democrat National Convention, but will speak there and plans to endorse Joe Biden for President.

Gun owners will remember that John Kasich was the Republican governor of Ohio from 2011 until 2019, when he was replaced by the anti-gun Covid-tyrant Mike DeWine.

A very vocal opponent of President Trump, Kasich sought the Presidential nomination for the Republican party in 2000 and 2016.  During that time, the NRA rated him with A rating.

So we have a Republican governor who hates Trump getting an ‘A rating’ from the NRA — but then the guy turns around and endorses this guy!

This Is The Problem

This, right here, is exactly the problem.  We don’t hold our ‘pro-gun’ legislators to the fire.  The left only runs hard left candidates who will toe the line.  But our side will accept sellout after sellout.

How on earth could Kasich — who has come out in favor of Red Flags, and ‘common sense gun control‘ have gotten an ‘A rating’?!

Because the NRA will give that rating to anybody who says the right thing and has an ‘R’ by their name!

Enough of sell outs!  Enough giving our endorsements away to people who aren’t willing to fight tooth and bloody nail for our gun rights!