NRA Treachery in Virginia! VA Director Admits They Are Willing to Compromise With Northam and Democrats!

Richmond, VA–You’re going to be angry when you hear the crap that’s coming out of the NRA today.

In an article posted just today by Reuters, a spokesperson for the National Rifle Association in Virginia stabbed gun owners in the back.

While 30,0000 or more gun owners are traveling and gathering at Virginia’s Capital at great expense–and no small risk to their safety–the NRA is offering to compromise.

NRA official Daniel J. Spiker made the repulsive comments in an article posted earlier today:

“Anti-gun billionaires who invested millions in the 2019 Virginia elections expect a return on that investment,” said NRA official D. J. Spiker.  “The NRA is fully prepared to work to defeat Governor Northam’s gun grab – but also work to find compromise.”

After that knife in the back, here’s twist of the hilt for you:  Daniel J. Spiker is NRA-ILA’s Virginia State Director!  He was listed as one of the speakers for the pro-gun crowd!

This is so outrageous that we can hardly contain ourselves.  When tens of thousands of gun owners are there to tell the corrupt and tyrannical government of Virginia to shove it, the NRA cuts them all off at the knees.  Their official Virginia rep just openly admitted that the door is wide open to compromise with the radical left.

If this was a one-off, sure.  But this is part of a history of compromise from the NRA.  The list is too long to ignore! There was the complete sellout on bump stock, their support of FIX-NICS and more.

Add in the sniveling support for Red Flag gun laws and this is the final straw for us.  When you look at their state level groups across the country, you see the same cancer: creeping compromise with cowardly, spineless politicians who are given A+ ratings while selling gun owners down the river.

Goodbye, National Rifle Association.  You have made yourselves worthless to gun owners.   Gun owners are standing up on their own and fighting for their own gun rights–as we saw in Virginia this very day.