Can Bloomberg Turn Texas Blue? The Grim Reality Of The Political Field In Texas for 2020

Gun control advocates have set their sites on Texas.  What would have been laughable just twenty years ago is now a legitimate, disconcerting threat to gun owners in Texas.

Back in February — before he blew almost $1 Billion dollars on a failed presidential campaign — Bloomberg’s anti-gun shell groups announced that Texas was going to be a heavily targeted state in the 2020 election.   Bloomberg has even pledged $8 million dollars to the election this time around.  Out of $60 million he plans to spend on this election season, Texas is getting almost 14% of the total!

Every Town for Gun Safety has since announced an initiative called “Gun Sense Majority: Texas.”  This includes their big-dollar efforts to replace weak Republicans in contested districts and to force strong pro-gun candidates to put up the time and money of fighting to keep their seat–even if Bloomberg’s candidate can’t win.

And that’s to say nothing of what a blue Texas would do to the electoral college numbers for President Trump or future pro-gun Presidential candidates.

All Eyes On Texas

Check out their statement here:

Today, Everytown for Gun Safety Victory Fund and Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund (together “Everytown”)  announced a new political initiative, “Gun Sense Majority: Texas” — an unprecedented financial and grassroots effort that will begin with making important gains in the state House, defending recently elected Texas gun sense champions in the U.S. House, flipping key congressional seats in the suburbs, and growing and educating the voting electorate in order to make Texas competitive at the statewide level. Everytown also released a memo outlining its electoral plans for Texas, and new polling, which demonstrates that gun safety will be a key election issue in Texas.  (Emphasis by S.A.D.)

The anti-gun organization has put legs to this February promise by hiring three well-placed Democrat activists.  The group announced this week that they’ve hired Jenna Royal to be their political director in Texas. Royal has previously been a volunteer for Moms Demand Action volunteer and lives in North Texas.

After Royal came two hires who are going to be focusing on Hispanic voters: James Aldrete and Adrian Saenz.  In a Texas Tribune article, Aldrete and Saenz were said to be “special advisers on Texas and Spanish-language media” who have “deep experience in Texas as well as national politics, particularly with Latino outreach.”

Playing For Keeps

Hear that?  Open borders strike again!  Even mainstream estimates put the number of illegal immigrants in Texas in the millions.  The number of legal immigrants from Mexico in Texas is near ten million.  Meanwhile, the total population of Texas is 29 million.

This is where we rush to say we’re not racists, of course, but there’s one demographic political reality that should be pointed out.

Mexico has some of the strictest gun laws in the world.  One single gun store exists in the entire country.  Permits to own or carry are basically impossible to get–less than 1% of regular citizens’ applications are approved–and ‘concealed carry’ is so rare as to not be worth mentioning.

And yet the violent crime is through the roof.  The cartels own the cops and politicians, while Mexican mothers live in fear every day that their kids will fall victim to some thug with a gun — a thug who won’t ever face justice.

These wonderful people don’t share most Americans’ experience with guns.  They’ve only ever known guns to be owned by bad guys who get away with killing people.  So it’s only natural that, as a group, Mexican voters are overwhelmingly in favor of gun control.

Bloomberg and his crowd know that the Hispanic vote is already leaning their way.  All they have to do is mobilize it.  And two of their first three hires are going to do just that.

Demographics are Destiny

The hard left hates President Trump and the Americans who voted for him.  They especially hate our calls to close the border and build the wall —  and the data shows why.

Immigrants from gun-controlled countries are likely to vote anti-gun even once they’ve moved to America.  And they’re far more likely to vote anti-gun than a native Texan voter.

Poor Texas has to fight millions of hard-left “economic evacuee” Californians who hate guns, millions of Mexicans who come from an anti-gun culture, and now Bloomberg’s millions of dollars.

Texas, Are You Ready For This Fight?

Virginia didn’t face nearly this much outside opposition.  Bloomberg only needed to push over the tree that was already rotten on the inside.  A rotten truck filled with compromised RINOS who could not get out the vote.

After all, why would Virginia’s gun owners have rallied to the polls for the weak-sauce sellouts that had been giving away their gun rights for years?  They wouldn’t and they didn’t and now the gun owners of Virginia are paying dearly.

We’re Texans.  We’re gun owners.  But we’d be crazy to ignore the anti-gun sentiment sweeping over the suburbs of our big cities.  Imported voters who hate our Texan way of life are coming here by the millions. Literally.  Some estimates put the number of people moving just into the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex at 5,000 people a week.  That’s to say nothing of Houston, San Antonio, or the notoriously liberal Austin.

You cannot fight those demographics by pretending that anybody with a Texas driver’s license thinks and votes like a Texan. Not when Bloomberg has you in his sights and is dumping money into your state.

What Can We Do?

What Texans are good at: fight.  If you have a legislator who is ROCK SOLID on guns, now is the time to call and thank him. If you’ve got a legislator whose a squishy, soft little worm, call his or her office and tell them to pull their heads out and get serious about being pro-gun before it’s too late.  Join a ROCK SOLID pro-gun organization who is working in YOUR state to fight back against these radical leftists NOW!

And if you’re reading this in any other state–especially Minnesota, Ohio, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, or Wisconsin–your states have ALREADY been targeted and ALREADY have Bloomberg’s operatives working to flip your state blue!

If you want to read something chilling, read their plan for 2020 here.   Get up and get involved because it’s time to fight for our America.