Grassroots Gun Owners Tell Their Biggest RINO To ‘GET LOST’ In Missouri Primary Election

Jefferson City, MO  — Gun owners in Missouri have seen enough to know that an ‘A’ rating from the corrupt NRA won’t cut it anymore.

After watching non-stop rioting in St. Louis, followed by Soros-funded Prosecutor Kim Gardner making an example out of the McCloskeys in St. Louis, they’ve learned that voting for the same sellout Republicans won’t cut it anymore.

The entire country knows the stakes are higher than ever.

Just when they were needed most, Missouri gun owners showed up at the polls yesterday to crush the political career of Missouri’s biggest RINO, Representative Kathy Swan.

State Gun Group Was Out For Political Blood

Gun owners were mobilized in Missouri thanks to the work of the Missouri Firearms Coalition.  The MOFC is a grassroots Second Amendment organization that plays the game very differently than the NRA.  Instead of making friends — and backroom deals — the Missouri Firearms Coalition has one motto: No Compromise.

Way back in September 2016, MOFC was outing Republican Representative Kathy Swan as a traitor on gun rights.

Gun owners might remember that 2016 was the year that Missouri’s legislature was voting on Stand Your Ground, Constitutional Carry and more.  Then-Governor Jay Nixon vetoed MOFC’s bill — nearly ending what was the largest expansion of gun rights in Missouri’s history.

Nixon’s veto put the ball back in the legislature’s court, where they held a one-day veto-override session in September.

Missouri needed 109 votes to override Nixon’s veto of these crucial gun bills….and there were 116 Republicans in the legislature.

Every. Vote. Counted.

What did Kathy Swan do?  Instead of fighting FOR gun owners and mobilizing every single Republican vote for the override, Swan took to the media, telling all of Missouri that she intended to oppose the override session as she worked behind the scenes to gather other moderates to join her.

In the process, Swan nearly derailed Constitutional Carry and Stand-Your-Ground law.
Because of her treachery, Missouri Firearms Coalition hit her, HARD.   And why not?  Mike Bloomberg was dumping money into the state to defeat MOFC’s pro-gun bills, and here Swan was publicly considering his radical gun control!

Back in 2016, Swan said in the House chamber,  “MOFC has made my life a living hell for the last three days.”

Swan eventually voted to override Nixon’s veto, but it was not at her own choosing.  She was FORCED to vote to pass pro-gun bills by the members and supporters of the Missouri Firearms Coalition.

A Long Memory

Four years later, the Missouri Firearms Coalition hasn’t forgotten that Swan is a sellout.  She’ll pretend to be pro-gun, and brag about her A rating from the NRA, but when the rubber meets the road, she’s no friend to gun owners.

She even sponsored bills that would make more and more people with misdemeanors unable to own guns — for life!  So the Missouri Firearms Coalition did what they do best: they hit and they HIT HARD.

Check this ad out.  With over 70,00 views, this ad was a political slap in the face for Kathy Swan.

There ARE Better Candidates

The MOFC brought gun owners’ attention to a true Second Amendment champion, Representative Holly Rehder.   With gun owners’ help, Rehder was able to bring home the victory last night.

Holly Rehder Stands For Gun Owners

MOFC’s political director, Aaron Dorr, went into detail about Kathy Swan’s betrayal, and Rehder’s stellar track record on guns in several videos that were viewed by tens of thousands of gun owners.

Armed with the facts, gun owners showed up for Champion Holly Rehder.

Gun Owners Were The Margin

Rehder beat RINO Kathy Swan by only 141 votes!  Kathy Swan spent an estimated $500,000 on her campaign, but gun owners sent her packing by just 141 votes.  This was without a doubt the most contested race of the night in Missouri and there’s no doubt that gun owners were THE deciding factor in the race.

This is how the political system works.  Gun owners — and any gun groups they support — need to stop making friends with moderates.

As for gun groups, they should take note!  Stop trying to coddle RINOS in hopes that they’ll change.  You have to expose them for all the world to see, and ASSASSINATE their political careers.  After all, we don’t stand a chance against the radical, well-funded Left if we put moderates on the field for our team.

Well done, MOFC.  A solid victory for Missouri’s gun owners last night!