LaPierre Gets a 57% Pay Raise from NRA for 2018

Wayne LaPierre should be nicknamed ‘Bulletproof Wayne.’

Calls for his resignation bounce off him like he’s wearing a Kevlar vest!

Tax filings released last week show that the Chief Executive of the NRA received his base salary of $1.3 million dollars for 2018.

That’s pretty much obscene, but that’s not all of it.

He also received a bonus of $455,000 and “other reportable compensation” of $427,000.

That’s kind of like when your Grandpa pays you a couple hundred bucks for helping him on the weekend.  Except it’s nearly half a million dollars.

Enough Is Never Enough

LaPierre, 70, also had a tidy $73,000 put into his retirement fund.

Meanwhile, this information is breaking while the NRA is facing legal battles on every side.

Their legal battle with their own former Public Relations firm, Ackerman McQueen, is costing them nearly $97,000 a DAY.

Add in lawsuits from the State of New York over their ‘gun owners insurance’ and the two lawsuits over ‘unapproved payments’ to Tom Selleck and Ted Nugent and this would be a time for Wayne to forgo a few perks.

At least, that’s what the average Joe gun owner would do if he was in water this hot.

But not Wayne.

No, as usual, the NRA is circling the wagons. Current NRA President Carolyn Meadows issued a statement after the tax filings went public.

She said, “Wayne LaPierre’s compensation reflects his enormous contributions to our members and the freedoms for which they fight.  His contributions to the NRA have been transformative.”

Lady, the guy spent $40,000 on suits in one store in Beverly Hills in ONE SINGLE YEAR.

He tried to get the NRA to buy him a $6 Million dollar house.

He used donor dollars to pay the RENT for a hot young intern who just happened to live near headquarters.

There are lots of words you could use to describe that kind of behavior.  “Transformative” is not in the top five.

While good board members are stepping down left and right, and current board members are being gagged, it’s time to call it what it is.

The NRA is Wayne LaPierre’s personal cash cow, and he’s not done milking it, yet.