Three NRA Board Members Resign; LaPierre Determined to Run NRA Into The Ground

Washington, DC — Three board members at the National Rifle Association stepped down on Thursday, August 1st.

The three board members, Esther Schneider of Texas, Sean Maloney of Ohio and Timothy Knight of Tennessee, had recently raised concerns — reflecting the concerns of tens of thousands of gun owners — about the incredible mismanagement of donor dollars by Wayne LaPierre.

The board members received notifications from the NRA that they were being stripped of their committee assignments soon after they dared to question LaPierre’s leadership and excessive spending habits.

The NRA, with new President Carolyn Meadows desperately trying to appease LaPierre lest she, too, get the boot, quickly accepted the resignation of the three board members, and said they would quickly be replaced by new board members.

She means new LaPierre “yes-men.”

This resignation comes after a string of craziness out of the NRA:

Longtime President Ollie North resigned in April when LaPierre told him that he wouldn’t be nominated for President again.  Allen West was right behind him after he dared to question LaPierre. Even Chris Cox couldn’t toe the line well enough and was unceremoniously ousted.  The dismantling of NRATV.  The removal of NRA board member and MagPul executive Duane Liptak from his committees.

Their crime?   Trying to address LaPierre’s dirty laundry.   Yes, even $40,000 suits from a Beverly Hills boutique can stink.

But aside from the obviously self-serving nature of much of LaPierre’s spending — we’re thinking about the sex kitten intern whose rent he paid with NRA donor money — there are the legal fees.

By now, NRA’s rank and file members all know about Ackerman McQueen and their legal fees that run in the tens of millions of dollars per year.   Since the NRA and Ack-Mac aren’t getting along, the NRA has hired an outside lawyer to defend them from Ack-Mac.

Except that’s just a way to put more money in Ack-Mac’s pockets, because the lawyer who is representing the NRA, William Brewer II, is married to Angus McQueen’s daughter and Revan McQueen’s sister—both Ack-Mac executives!

So the NRA is spending $97,000 a DAY in 2019 to fight legal battles against Ack-Mac…by paying Ack-Mac’s son in law to be their defense attorney.

But back to the resignations of these three American gun owners who couldn’t stand the stink coming from Wayne LaPierre’s office, anymore.

Schneider, Maloney, and Knight have said that they tried to get more information out of NRA leadership.  Here’s how that worked out:

“We have been stonewalled, accused of disloyalty, stripped of committee assignments and denied effective counsel necessary to properly discharge our responsibilities as Board members.”

So who is left running the store?   With calls for LaPierre to resign coming left, right and center, we see Marion Hammer, LaPierre’s 80-year-old attack kitten, coming out attacking any gun owner who doesn’t think LaPierre is the man for the job.

But when you consider she’s making over $200,000 a year from the NRA for a five hour work week…she doesn’t exactly have a vested interest in pointing out wasteful spending.

LaPierre is circling the wagons, making sure that nothing and nobody can come between him and his fat paycheck.

He doesn’t believe that the NRA’s members are the real strength of the NRA.  He thinks that he is, and if you don’t believe that he and he alone can defend the Second, then you’re out.

When it’s just Wayne LaPierre and his yes-men left at the NRA, nobody is fighting for our gun rights anymore.

When you view your donors as a host to be leeched at will for your own private gain, and when you silence or remove anybody who wants to look into things, it’s already too late.