Former NRA President Marion Hammer Doubles Down Attacking Gun Owners

Tallahassee, Florida — In case you’re wondering who is the next to go at the NRA, we have one name that isn’t on the list.

Gun owners across the country are seething with contempt after long-time Wayne LaPierre apologist, Marion Hammer, recently published an op-ed that all but accuses gun owners who are fed up with LaPierre’s extravagant lifestyle and rank corruption of being in bed with Michael Bloomberg and NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

In other words, anyone who questions what’s going on at the NRA is the enemy.

Marion thinks people should listen to her because decades ago she was the President of the NRA for a short stint; apparently, she’s hoping gun owners don’t keep up with her new career.

Her full-time job is a paid attack kitten for Wayne LaPierre, where her 990 IRS forms reveal that she receives well over $200,000 a year from the NRA for her work for them . . . while working roughly 5 hours a week.

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Not a bad gig if you can get it, eh Marion?

In addition to making bank off gun donors at the national level, in her own political stomping ground in Florida, Marion is known as “Hammer the Scammer” because she consistently takes more than 50% of the gross receipts for her organization, the United Sportsmen of Florida.

Her pay from the donor dollars of the USF is set at a staggering $118,000 a year.  Never mind that she just turned 80 years old and isn’t working anything close to a 40-hour week.

Meanwhile, local gun organizations in Florida said that she all but signed off on the passage of Red Flag laws in Florida.

She was also in charge of USF when Florida passed several new anti-gun laws in 2018, and she won’t admit that she was either powerless or unwilling to stop them.

Lucky Florida gun owners, to have Hammer the Scammer there to do nothing while their gun rights are taken away.

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As the dumpster fire at the NRA continues to burn—with board members being forced out, senior staff being forced out, and a growing number of gun rights leaders calling for LaPierre to resign—Hammer conveniently forgets the colossal gun rights losses we’ve had under LaPierre’s leadership in the last two years alone:

>>> The NRA led the charge to pass Fix-NICS.

Feinstein couldn’t pass it under Obama, but the NRA passed it under Trump!

>>> The NRA’s Chris Cox led the charge on Red Flag laws—until grassroots pressure forced them to fall silent.

But the damage was done, and states fell all over themselves to pass it, knowing the NRA wouldn’t punish any of the politicians who voted for them!

>>> The NRA loudly supported the Federal bump stock ban.  They’re not something most gun owners cared about, but it set the precedent.

And what’s next?  30 round magazines?   Collapsible stocks?

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So LaPierre’s attack kitten, flush with NRA donor cash herself, has the gall to say that grassroots gun owners are on the side of Cuomo and Bloomberg if they don’t support her sugar daddy?

Isn’t that cute.

If you don’t think LaPierre is justified in spending YOUR donated dollars to pay the rent for hot interns, if you don’t think he needed to spend $250,000 on Italian suits in Beverly Hills, or spend $240,000 on  weeks of international travel in swanky hotels in Budapest, Italy and the Bahamas . . . well, then Hammer the Scammer thinks you’re part of the problem.

The wool is being pulled back more and more every day. While the NRA has long held themselves as freedom’s safest place, it’s become obvious that the NRA has become Wayne LaPierre’s fat retirement account’s safest place.

With gun owners waking up in droves, Hammer’s accusation that we are now the problem—that we might as well join with Cuomo and Bloomberg—smacks as one the most elitist things she could possibly say.

But after all, she works for the NRA, so what else do you expect?

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