OUSTED: Chris Cox Gone from the NRA!

Washington, DC — Wayne LaPierre is scrambling to consolidate his power at the NRA, and the latest casualty today was Chris Cox, who has tendered his resignation under accusations of being a ‘backstabber’ who was trying to plot a coup at the NRA.

Of course Chris Cox was no saint himself, playing along with the scam game at the NRA for a couple of decades.

Just last year, as reported in this new site, Chris Cox cut a video calling for the passage of so-called “extreme risk protection orders,” otherwise known as “Red Flag Laws.”

Gun owners haven’t forgotten that Ollie North was booted in April for calling attention to over $20 million dollars in unaccounted legal fees.

The sordid details of LaPierre’s $250,000 wardrobe and renting a high dollar town home nearby NRA headquarters for an attractive young intern made nationwide news, the NRA hasn’t come close to recovering from the damage.

Eventually, the clamor for financial integrity and transparency got so loud that even Chris Cox had to say something.

But LaPierre doubled down, and on June 20, the NRA announced that Cox had been suspended.

That suspension ended today when Cox’s resignation was announced.

It’s obvious to gun owners that Wayne LaPierre knows where all the bodies are buried at the NRA, and is willing to pull out all the stops to keep the power and the money in his control.

Who is next in LaPierre’s viscious pursuit of his paycheck?

And meanwhile, the left keeps pounding the war drums, giddy at the thought of kicking gun owners when they’re down.