NRA’s Marion Hammer Took Illegal Loans from Her Non-Profit to Buy Real Estate

Tallahassee, Florida — Marion “The Scammer” Hammer is at it again.

We’ve talked about the NRA’s attack kitten before.

About how this 80-year-old lady is pulling down over $200,000 a year from the NRA for what her 990 IRS filings claim is a five-hour work week.

That’s $769.23 an hour, but who’s counting?

News broke today from a Florida watchdog group that claimed Marion Hammer has been taking loans out from her own non-profit and using that money to buy and refinance her own personal real estate.

Why on earth would a lady who has been pulling down nearly $350,000 between her non-profit’s compensation and her NRA compensation need a loan?

That’s beside the point.

Florida law section 617.0833 forbids a non-profit from issuing loans to their own directors or leadership.

And yet the Unified Sportsmen of Florida, Hammer’s non-profit, has issued her three different loans since 1995.

Of those, the most recent was in 2017, when Hammer received $200,000 to “refinance and purchase” real estate.

To be clear, she wasn’t using this money to refinance and purchase real estate for her non-profit, Unified Sportsmen of Florida.

No, this was a personal loan for her personal real estate use.

Their own tax filing for 2018 shows that the loan was written up with an explicit agreement between the Board of Directors and Hammer, and made no bones about this being a loan for her personal use.

When contacted, board members refused to comment.

It’s worth noting that while Hammer spent 2017 getting apparently illegal loans from her non-profit, and taking more than 40% of their gross donations, the political wheels were turning in Florida.

Anti-gun Democrats were making hay while geriatric Hammer was distracted.

They were laying the foundation for Florida’s Red Flag laws.

And while Red Flags didn’t pass until the following March, Florida gun owners have complained bitterly that Hammer didn’t fight them as she could and should have.

Maybe now we know why?

It seems that the NRA’s Marion Hammer and Wayne LaPierre share one more thing in common: the hard-earned dollars donated in good faith by gun owners are nothing but a bottomless well of money for their personal use.

Laws be damned.  Good faith be damned.  The battle against Red Flags be damned.

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