City Of Minneapolis Considers Hiring Police Officers From Other Districts — Facing Severe “Officer Shortage” After A Summer Of Pandering To Rioters

Photo Credit: Richard Tsong-Taatarii of The Star Tribune

Minneapolis, MN — City officials in Minneapolis are weighing their options as they face both a crime wave and a shortage of police officers.   A plan has been brought forward for the City Council’s approval that would allow the city to hire officers from other jurisdictions to help out the massively short-staffed Minneapolis Police Department.

The extra officers would largely come from the Hennepin County Sheriff’s office, as well as the Metro Transit Police.  These officers would be used to respond to violent 911 calls or other escalated calls.

“We’re not gonna be having these people out taking bicycle theft reports. These are going to be people out combating crime issues,” said John Elder, a spokesman for Minneapolis police.

This would cost the City of Minneapolis about $497,000.  The money would have to come out of the city’s “Contingency Fund.”

The proposal is up for a vote in the next week, with hopes of getting the new teams formed and responding to calls as early as November 15th.

Mayor Jacob Frey has said that he’s in favor of the idea.

Bad Ideas Lead To More Bad Ideas

This all comes just a few short months after the leftists on the Minneapolis city council voted to start defunding the police.  We reported earlier this summer how the Minneapolis Police Department had already lost 65 officers, and anticipated losing a total of 100 officers by the end of 2020.

Just days after the decision to start the process of defunding the police, we reported how three radical left City Council members had already spent $63,000 in taxpayer money on private security for themselves.

And like clockwork, the crime in Minneapolis began to rise. In the month after George Floyd’s death on May 26th, more than 90 people were shot in the city.

More and more Minnesotans realized that the leftists in charge of Minneapolis weren’t going to protect them from the violent, rioting mobs that were burning Minneapolis.  They bought guns in record numbers.

And predictably, the housing market in the city began to collapse.  Nearly 25% of homes and 43% of apartments listed for sale in Minneapolis were listed within two weeks of the rioting.

The Left Doesn’t Learn From Their Mistakes

Any unbiased observer can see that the left’s ideas are creating chaos in Minneapolis.  But chaos is part of Marxism — it’s necessary in order to bring about the societal revolution that Marx said every country needed.

It’s not a bad thing to be avoided, it’s a good thing to be embraced, in their worldview.  The leftist residents of Minneapolis are cheering this new chaos.

The rest of the state is left picking up the tab for the violent rioters.  Democrat Governor Tim Walz is making the taxpayers pay for the tantrums of the looting leftists.

So the citizens of American get an up close view of what a Joe Biden and Kamala Harris presidency will hold for the rest of us.

Gun owners, it’s going to be a rough ride the next few years.