Minneapolis Has ALREADY Paid $63,000 In Private Security Costs For Three Of The City Council Members Who Voted To Defund Police

Minneapolis, MN — What will safety look like in a world without police?  The left tells us it will be a world with empathetic social workers and psychologists.  But we now know one thing about this utopia of theirs: it will be very very expensive.

That’s if the recent news out of Minneapolis is any indication.  On Monday, a city spokeswoman told reporters that the city has already paid two private security firms over $63,000 to protect three city council members — and that’s only for the last three weeks!

The city hasn’t released which three council members are under security, but the Minneapolis Star Tribune confirmed they were Council Vice President Andrea Jenkins and Council Members Alondra Cano and Phillipe Cunningham.

Their security is currently costing the taxpayers $4,500 a DAY.

This news comes after those exact same City Council members voted unanimously on Friday to defund the police department.

Is the city acknowledging their stupidity?  Not in the slightest.

City spokeswoman Sarah McKenzie said on Monday that the total expense for security is expected to be less than $175,000, and any expenses below that number don’t need public approval from the council.

She said that the city didn’t think the private security would go above that number, though the last three weeks alone had cost more than $60,000.

McKenzie also said that it wasn’t supposed to be a long term solution:  “This security service is intended to be temporary and bridge to other security measures implemented by council members themselves.”

Why can’t the three city council members just have a therapist follow them around to talk anybody out of hurting them?

No answer on that from the city.

Meanwhile, two security companies are raking in the dollars from Minneapolis’ taxpayers.  Aegis and Belcom won the contract and are provided the armed security officers.

Meanwhile, just five days ago, the entire city council voted to advance a proposal that eliminates the section of the city constitution that requires the city to maintain and fund the police department.

In it’s place, the proposal would require the city to instead fund a “department of community safety and violence prevention.”  This department COULD employ “licensed peace officers” but isn’t required to do so.

Meanwhile, that proposal will still need to be voted on by the citizens of Minneapolis.

Hope You’re Loaded

With cash, that is.

In the left’s imaginary version of America in the future, everybody will pay their bills with butterflies and spread hugs like glitter.  But in reality, it will be an ugly, gritty, violent existence for millions of Americans who live in urban — and eventually suburban — areas across the country.

Taxes will go up and insurance rates will skyrocket.  Regular citizens won’t leave the house without a weapon, because there won’t be police to keep criminals in check, and the number of desperate people willing to do criminal things will be higher than ever.

Unless you’ve got stacks of cash you want to spend on private security, it’ll be painfully obvious that the burden of protecting yourself is on each individual American.

Local Elections Matter

If we’ve learned nothing at all from the Covid scare and then the ensuing riots and looting, it’s that local elections matter.

Yes, the election between Joe Biden and Trump will be pivotal, but if you’re still getting crushed by low-level leftists at home, Trump’s efforts to save America won’t help you.

Get involved in your state and local gun politics.  They’re going to be crucial — and exciting –for a very long time.