Minnesota Gun Sales Surging While Rioters, Looters Remain Free, Police Department To Be Defunded, and the Corona Scare Continues


Minneapolis, MN  — Minnesotans are taking their safety into their own hands.  Starting back in March — when more than 96,000 NICS checks were run by Minnesotans alone — and continuing up to today, gun sales have been unrelenting.

After the rioting and looting following George Floyd’s death, gun stores saw demand grow even more and it hasn’t come close to stopping.

Kory Krause owns Frontiersman Sports in St. Louis Park and he confirmed that guns stores are swamped — and even running low on stock for their customers.

“People are really scared coming in here,” Krause said. “We had a three, four hour wait just to get up to the counter during the height of … the rioting.”

Krause went on to say that his store has about thirty percent of it’s normal inventory on hand.  As demand has surged all across the country, manufacturers and distributors have struggled to keep up.

First Time Buyers Are The New Majority

Krause echoed what gun store owners across the country have said since March:  first time gun buyers are driving these record-high sales.

That means more time and effort from gun store staff as they have to take more time to educate new gun owners.

As ammo and people’s guns of choice become harder to find, sales of stun guns and mace are also rising.

Either way, it’s clear that American’s don’t feel safe living in the America of the left.  Neutered police departments, rioting and looting that almost never sees anybody arrested — much less charged, and inflated pandemic numbers restricting liberties in many states have created a deep sense of unease in the minds of millions of Americans.

The Gun Is A Symbol Of Freedom

While the left brainwashes people via their propaganda arm –the media — into thinking that gun owners are violent, dangerous, and most often white racists, the numbers of gun owners keep rising.  Women, minorities, doesn’t matter…their numbers are up.

Only children think that ‘if you just be nice to everybody they’ll be nice to you.’  We want our children to have that innocence, but meanwhile we keep a vigilant eye on them while they play, carefree, at the park.

Because adults know that wicked, evil people exist.  We know that not everybody is ‘good at heart.’  We know that the only thing that has ever kept evil people in check is good people who are stronger than the evil person.

That’s it. Very simple. Be stronger than the bad guy.  And for Americans, that means to carry a gun.

We don’t think we’re alone in thinking that America is facing some sort of terrible crucible in the next weeks or months.  Be ready.  Build community.  Build local networks of like-minded people.  And for the love of America, contact your Republican legislators to SPEAK UP for our freedoms and our nation before it’s too late.