Minneapolis Is The New Chicago — 90 People Shot In The Last Month, 19 Over Father’s Day Weekend Alone

Minneapolis, MN — Well, that was fast.  After the riots and looting stopped, the cry came out from the leftist political class in Minnesota:  defund the police!   And the city council voted to do just that.   They were going to replaced the police department with a ‘community led model’ alternative.  More social workers, fewer cops.

And in a truly puzzling turn of events, violent crime is up.  In fact, since May 26th, the day after George Floyd was killed, more than 90 people have been shot in Minneapolis.

Here’s just a small flavor of the Father’s Day weekend festivities in Minneapolis:

The violence began about 12:37 a.m. Sunday, when police responded to reports of gunfire during a large gathering of people in the 2900 block of Hennepin Avenue, according to police spokesman John Elder. He said officers arrived to find multiple victims and learned that others had left the scene in “private vehicles.”

Several ambulances were summoned to the scene to care for the wounded. He said that detectives had been assigned to investigate the case, but no arrests had been made as of Sunday morning.

A Facebook Live video posted by K.G. Wilson, a longtime peace activist, showed the shooting’s chaotic aftermath, with bystanders tending to several victims sitting on a curb in the popular entertainment district on the city’s South Side. The scene was awash in flashing blue and red lights. At one point in the footage, a police officer and a bystander are seen carrying an injured person to a waiting ambulance.

Minneapolis Police Department spokesman John Eldler says that the cops are still responding to calls as normal.  Elder said that “anybody would think that there is a stand-down order or some sort of work stoppage, that is patently false.”

So all of this extra crime is BEFORE Minneapolis has started to replace police with social workers.

Boy, if any of our readers own any property the size of a postage stamp in Minneapolis, now would be a great time to get it on the market.

Did Anybody Really Think This Would Work?

Unsurprisingly to people with two brain cells to rub together, criminals have heard all the cries to ‘defund the police’ and they’ve heard, ‘The cops aren’t coming!’

We have a problem with some of the police tactics –no knock raids like the one that killed Duncan Lemp — and police complying with unjust laws.  We see need for reform both of tactics and implementation.

But anybody who thinks that this ‘defund the police’ isn’t going to lead to staggeringly more crime is out to lunch.

Leftist politicians are hoping to swing political races in their favor by capturing the minority vote.  As such, they are painting cops as a great threat to public safety — and ignoring the violent criminals we’re all watching with our own eyes.
The longer they blame cops, not criminals, the worse these cities are going to get.  And it’s still only mid-June.  There’s a long, hot summer to come.