Minneapolis To Lose 100 Police Officers By The End Of 2020 — 65 Already Gone — Mayor Will NOT Replace Them

Minneapolis, MN — Well, that didn’t take long. The Mayor of Minneapolis announced on Friday that the city will have lost 100 police officers by the end of the year.

Mayor Jacob Frey said that “dozens” have already left, and many more have given notice that they’ll be leaving in the coming months.  It’s suspected that Frey is being optimistic, since local news stations have reported that as of the end of July, more than 65 officers have already left the city’s police force.

The city normally has around 800 police officers on staff. This loss of 100 would amount to Minneapolis losing more than 12% of their total police force.

To add insult to injury, the Mayor Jacob Frey announced that the city would not look to replace those 100 officers in 2021.  He pointed out that this would help manage the 2021 budget deficit and to placate activists in the city who are clamoring to “shift money away from traditional policing.”

Mayor Frey said:

“As officers from past generations leave, it’s incumbent on us to ensure that officers of future generations enter the department committed to our shared vision,” Frey said. “We cannot squander this opportunity to make significant progress with Chief (Medaria) Arradondo in shifting the MPD culture, but we cannot rely on attrition and recruitment as our only tools for that shift.”

In addition to this news, other Minneapolis news networks are reporting record low morale.  150 officers have filed work-related disability claims since George Floyd’s death on May 25th.   Of that number, 75% cited post-traumatic stress disorder in the wake of the riots and protests that followed Floyd’s death.

If This Is A Trend, Gun Sales Will Continue to Soar

The majority of Americans aren’t stupid enough to think that a world without cops will be safer.  Heck, as we watch the leftist protestors carry guns and use them, we know that they don’t really believe the world is safer without cops, either.

The more police departments are hamstrung and defunded, the more gun sales will continue to rise.