“Peaceful” Protestor Who Fired Four Rounds At Car On Interstate Now Faces Four Counts Attempted Homicide

Aurora, CO — A radical leftist protestor was arrested yesterday after he shot his gun into a crowd at a protest.  The man, 22-year-old Samuel Young fired four times and injured two people.  The two are expected to survive.

Young’s arrest came just hours after Aurora, CO police tweeted his photo and offered at $2,000 reward for whoever could identify the man.

In the Police Department’s tweet, Young was only identified as a ‘person of interest’ but since his arrest has been charged with four counts of attempted homicide.

The Backstory

Police have reported that a crowd of ‘peaceful’ protestors were marching on Interstate 225 at 6:35 pm on Saturday night.

CBS Denver reporter Dillon Thomas was on the scene, and of course, implies that the driver of the car is responsible for the protestor’s crime.

“People were running after a car ‘aggressively’ made its way toward protestors on I-225. I heard pops, which APD say came from a protestor. That protestor shot other protestors.  I watched as a woman who fell off the interstate was rushed to the hospital.”

Just The Facts, Ma’am

But the Aurora Police reported a different account of events:

Around 7:00 P.M. Aurora Police observed, from a media helicopter, a Jeep that was traveling northbound on I-225 heading towards the protesters. The Jeep then drives into the crowd. While the Jeep was being driven through the crowd, multiple shots were fired by a protester. At this time it is unknown if multiple people fired their weapons, or if it was just one individual. Also, there have been no reported injuries reported to us about anyone being hit by this vehicle…

…The Jeep continued northbound on I-225, eventually exiting the interstate at East 6th Avenue. The driver pulled over at E. 6th Ave and Billings Street when he located officers who were investigating a separate, unrelated crash at that location. The driver was positively identified, questioned, and the Jeep was impounded for evidentiary purposes.

During preliminary interviews with the Jeep driver, he advised officers that while on I-225, his vehicle began to be surrounded by protesters who were yelling and striking his vehicle. He also claims that a white pickup truck struck the front of his vehicle. He claims that the reason that he drove towards the protesters is because he was scared and trying to get away.


That sounds reasonable to us.  If you’re driving on the interstate around 6:30 on a Saturday night and there are people on the road.  It’s not like drivers can turn around and drive backwards in traffic on the interstate to get away!  On the interstate, the driver’s only option was to continue through the crowd.

Since posting that they have the identity of the driver of the Jeep, Aurora Police have not arrested or charged him.

Meanwhile, back in the crowd, one person was shot and another only grazed by Young’s bullets.  They are expected to recover.

The Armed Left Needs Training

This was the second shooting in two days where leftists with guns –how hypocritical of them — improperly used a gun while blocking and surrounding cars on the road.

In the case of Garrett Foster of Austin, TX, he was shot and killed by the driver who felt threatened for his life.

If they’re going to pretend that their grievances are worth dying over, then they would do well to get some training on the law.  For example, just because you feared for your life on the interstate that night doesn’t mean you get to shoot at people — because you’re the moron who is standing in the middle of the Interstate.

Aurora’s Protestors Caused Damage Elsewhere

The “peaceful” protestors also caused some significant damage elsewhere in Aurora over the weekend.

The local news station paper reported that this was a ‘mostly peaceful protest’ and even the police department said the same.  The local station went on to report:

“…the group made their way towards the Aurora Police Department headquarters, some in the crowd knocked down a fence to the entrance of the headquarters and began shooting fireworks at the building. Others reportedly began to throw objects and shine lasers at officers. The police department also reports protesters broke windows at the courthouse and went inside the building where they started a fire inside an office at the courthouse.”

So there you have it!  The leftist media and placating police department still have to call these peaceful protestors when they’re blocking the interstate, attacking cars and terrorizing drivers, shooting into the crowd, destroying public property, attacking the police department, and committing arson.

Welcome to the Left’s America!