Austin, TX Mayor Blames “Too Many Guns” For Shooting Death, But Not The Violent Protestors Who Blocked The Road, Terrorized Driver

Austin, TX — Austin, TX Mayor Steve Adler has finally weighed in on the shooting on Sunday morning that saw one protestor dead and the shooter questioned and released by police.

We reported yesterday about the shooting at a BLM protest in Austin on Sunday night.  As more details emerged yesterday, the Austin Police Chief has reported that the audio of the shooting indicates that the driver shot first.

The police further revealed that while he was being questioned, the motorist explained that the protestors were hitting his vehicle and that Garrett Foster pointed his AK-47 at him.

This prompted the driver to shoot defensively in fear for his life.  After the driver shot five rounds — hitting Garrett Foster — another armed protestor shot three more rounds towards the driver but missed.

A nasty situation, and all taking place just blocks away from the Capital Building in Austin.

The Mayor Makes Cowardly Remarks

Like all useless Democrat mayors, Austin’s Mayor Steve Adler won’t address the violent Black Lives Matter protestors who have been marching in his city for more than 50 days in a row.

He won’t condemn them for terrorizing drivers or threatening them with guns.  Instead, he blames the number of guns in Austin for the shooting.  THAT’S the problem that needs to be fixed!

In an interview with the local ABC affiliate, Mayor Adler said that the shooting was “horrific.”

If Mayor Adler, wanted to run for mayor in a gun-free zone, maybe the capital of Texas was a bad place to set up shop?  It would be hard to find a state more at odds with the Democrat’s agenda — or with more guns per capita!

But in Texas, like so many other states, the big cities are being driven leftwards by Bloomberg financed candidates — and as go the big cities, so goes the state!

That’s Not Leadership

These Democrat ‘leaders’ are an embarrassment to old-school, pro-gun Democrats.  They’re an embarrassment to their citizens.  And to every American who came before us, not to mention America’s Founding Fathers.

It doesn’t take leadership skills to sit back and do nothing.  It’s not ‘clear, decisive thinking’ to let rioting maniacs run wild.  All it takes is for your ‘leader’ to agree with the goals of the rioting lunatics.  They share a desire to topple America and that’s why they don’t stop the madness.