BREAKING VIDEO: Austin Motorist Shoots, Kills Protestor Carrying A Rifle After Mob Surrounded His Car

Austin, Tx — An Austin, TX man feared for his life on Saturday evening when his car was surrounded by angry protestors –including one man who approached the driver with a rifle in his hands.

Afraid that he’d be the next driver pulled from his car and beaten or that the man with the rifle was going to shoot him, the man shot and killed the protestor with the rifle.

Here’s the Austin American Statesman’s description of what happened:

The shooting happened about 9:50 p.m. at Fourth Street and Congress Avenue, EMS officials said. Austin police said the male victim was carrying a weapon when he approached a vehicle. The person in the vehicle then shot the man.

According to a witness, the incident began when the driver on Fourth Street honked, turned right and sped down Congress, driving through the crowd. He appeared to hit an orange barrier in the road and came to a stop, said Michael Capochiano, who attended the protest.

“There were people around the car, yelling, and people sounding like they were frightened,” Capochiano said.

A protester with a rifle approached the car, and the driver pointed his gun outside the window, Capochiano said. The driver fired several shots, then sped away, he said.

The man with the rifle “dropped to the ground when he got shot,” Capochiano said.

Being a leftist rag, the Statesman exaggerated what happened.  The driver didn’t “speed down Congress” street at all. In fact, he only traveled a few feet.  Then the marchers approached his car and he honks in an attempt to disperse them and to make a way for him to escape.

Then the man in the car saw an armed protestor approaching his car.  Whether or not the man directly threatened the driver remains to be seen, but it won’t be hard for the driver to prove that he feared for his life.

Interviewing Leftist Will Get You Leftist Interpretations

The Statesman interviewed a witness who said that the crowd surrounding the car –before the shooting! –was loud and ‘fearful.’

Yeah, in the thousands of videos of ‘peaceful protestors’ all around the country, we’ve never heard anything remotely ‘fearful.’  Usually, the crowd sounds like rabid, angry, shouting maniacs who shout threats and promisees to kill people.

But of course, a violent protestor is going to stand up for another violent protestors.

Check out this camera footage of the incident:

Police held a press briefing later in the evening:

The protestor who was shot died at the hospital. He has been tentatively identified as Garrett Foster. Foster’s mother has said that her son has been out protesting for Black Lives Matter every day for the last 50 days.

Check out Garrett Foster’s interview from earlier in the night:

Peaceful Protestors Never Are

Stay away from these areas.  If you absolutely must be there — truckers, we see you — then be sure you invest in a dash camera.  Have your own cell phone camera running on the seat beside you so viewers can at least hear what’s going on.  Carry, but keep in mind that your best defense will be that you weren’t in the area at all.

Finally, notice how the leftist media will play this so that the violent protestors are the ‘peaceful’ ones in this event.  They were just peacefully marching in the streets at 10:00 at night on a Saturday, shouting and screaming.

No, the left lets these violent rabble run free in their cities because they need a ‘revolutionary underclass’ to topple our society.  It’s textbook Marxism and millions of Americans — who would rather be left alone — are coming to grips with the fact that they’re going to lose their country if they stand down much longer.