City Of Brotherly Love Sees 30 People Shot, 7 Killed In Single Weekend — Gun Control Isn’t The Answer

A police officer sprays pepper spray at an onlooker near a residence while responding to an August 2019 shooting that saw six police shot. (Picture: Getty)

Philadelphia, PA — The City of Brother Love had another bloody weekend after the Philadelphia Police reported 30 people were shot, seven fatally, in the past weekend.

The 30 people were shot in 25 different shootings across the city in just two days.  Dozens of the victims are still in the hospital, while seven ended up in the morgue.

The shootings included gunfire that erupted at a block party just before midnight on Saturday night.  Five people at that party were injured — despite the fact that police were on site before the shooting began.

Police reported seeing social media posts referencing the large crowd gathering at the block party.  Still, the presence of police did nothing to deter the criminals intent on shooting people.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw made comments on the block party mayhem, asking the public for help in identifying the shooters. Outlaw said, “There were a lot of people out here. We do believe that someone knows who the shooters were and could possibly help us in identifying and figuring out exactly what happened.”

When asked how many shooters police were looking for, Outlaw couldn’t saw a specific number.  She did confirm that casings from “several weapons were … found on the scene.”

Gun Control Fails Again

This comes after we reported last week that more than 100 children have been shot in Philadelphia in 2020 as of August 4th.

This latest weekend of bloodshed is just par for the course in these Democrat-controlled cities — several of which already have the gun control laws the left claims will lower violent crime.  From New York City to Chicago, Cincinnati to Philadelphia, violent crime and shootings are off the charts.

It’s time to admit that these far-left, anti-gun legislators don’t have a clue how to solve their cities’ problems.  In fact, their failed experiments in America’s big cities have shown that gun control doesn’t do a thing to stop violent crime.  It only leaves law-abiding citizens defenseless in the face of evil criminals.

That’s the real tragedy.