Gun-Controlled Philadelphia Sees More Than 100 Children Shot In 2020

Philadelphia, P — Democrat-controlled cities all across the country have seen unprecedented violence this year, but Philadelphia has achieved a tragic new milestone: 100 children have been shot in the first six months of 2020.

Philadelphia Police First Deputy Commissioner Melvin Singleton commented on the tragic number, condemning “…this culture of violence where we have adults are willing to shoot indiscriminately into crowds of people without care or concern for women or children.”

The report comes on the heels of story on Saturday, where seven-year-old Zamar Jones was shot to death in a shooting that was intended to hit another individual.  On Wednesday night a six-year-old girl in West Philadelphia was shot in the chest while “playing outside with friends.”

Additionally, Police reports indicated that 98 people under the age of 18 had been shot by August 2nd of this year.  Just for comparison, there were only 59 children shot in 2019 in the same period.  That’s in increase of 69% in only six months!

The Left Pretends It’s A Gun Issue

The leftist media in Philly blame ‘the plague of gun violence’ but never talk about the fact that their city already has most of the gun control that the radical left would like to pass at the federal level.

And Philadelphia isn’t the only gun-controlled city with unprecedented numbers of children shot.  We reported in July on the story of a one-year-old baby who was shot and killed sitting in his stroller in Mayor Bill DeBlasio’s New York City.

But the left keeps blaming Trump or guns or racism or whatever is their latest whipping post.  They won’t admit that Democrat policies — including strict gun control — have abysmally failed the citizens of their cities.

How many more kids will die before they wake up and face the real problem?  The talk of defunding the police, the blank checks given to rioters and protestors all over the country, and failed leftism.

They could start there.