New York City Riddled By Shootings Over 4th Of July Weekend – 48 Shot, 11 Dead – Up 205% Since Disbanding NYPD Anti-Crime Unit

NYC, NY  — For many residents of New York City, the 4th of July weekend was hardly a cause for celebration.  The city was plagued by violence as criminals have finally realized that neither New York City nor their state leadership are going to stop them from preying on the defenseless citizens around them.

48 people were shot in 30 different shootings across the city over the weekend.  Eleven of those people later died of their injuries.

Shootings are up 140% and shooting victims are up nearly 160% over the 4th of July weekend last year.

In fact, since the NYPD disbanded their anti-crime unit on June 15th, crime in the city has risen 205% over the same time period last year.

There were three times as many shootings in the last three weeks than their were in the same three weeks of 2019.  In total, there were 116 shooting incidents between June 15 and June 2, and only 38 last year in that same time.

This 205 percent increase means that the number of injured residents is higher, as well.  In 2019, those 38 shootings saw 47 victims.  In 2020, the 116 shootings left 157 victims in their wake — a 238 percent increase.

Cuomo and De Blasio Duck Responsibility

New York City has some of the strictest gun control in America.  They’ve had it for decades.  They’ve been under ‘anti-gun’ leadership for decades.

And now what happens when they city scales back their police while thousands of criminals are walking loose on their streets — released by order of Governor Andrew Cuomo?

The same Governor Cuomo whose Safe Act –talk about Orwellian newspeak — makes it a crime for anybody to have a magazine that holds more than 7 rounds.  The same Safe Act also makes AR-15s illegal for New York citizens.

What could possibly happen?

What always happens. Crime rises because ONLY the criminals have guns.

The peaceful citizens of New York City are now at the whim of gangsters and thugs!  And these violent criminals have been shooting dozens of people every weekend for the last month.

Does De Blasio take responsibility for leaving his citizens to fend of the violent criminals without their Second Amendment right?  No, of course not!  After all, his daughter might be in the mob.  Chiara De Blasio is currently out on bail after blocking the highway in an area where cop cars were getting torched on June 1st.

Maybe De Blasio doesn’t want people to have guns because an armed citizen might fear for their life and shoot the violent, angry woman during one of her rages?

Does Cuomo admit his great incompetence?  Of course not!  The arrogant buffoon has run the state of New York over TEN BILLION dollars in debt in the last year-and-a-half.

He’s also murdered thousands of elderly people by forcing nursing homes to accept covid-positive patients –not even elderly folks, just anybody with a positive case! — and threatened to cut off their state funding if they didn’t accept them.

This guy shouldn’t be in charge of trash collection for New York, much less the governor of the state.

Leftists Want Chaos

Gun ownership is an American right.  If your elected leaders don’t respect that, they don’t care if you get murdered on your front step over a wallet.

The left wants the chaos because their revolutionary class is working to erode the foundations of our society.  And that’s why the bloodshed goes unchecked in the big cities — and why they won’t let you or your family have a gun to fight back.