Chicago: 100 Arrested, 35 Shot, 4 Killed After Weekend Of Looting And Destruction — Millions Of Dollars Of Damage Overnight

Chicago, IL — Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago is taking after leftist-run Portland.  The city saw rioting and looting throughout the entire weekend after an officer-involved shooting of a black man on Sunday afternoon.

Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown held a press conference this morning to reiterate that his officers will be working hard to arrest more of the people responsible for the violence and chaos that erupted after the shooting.

According to Brown, the violence and looting followed an officer-involved shooting in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood on Sunday afternoon.  Brown stated that the 20-year-old black man who was shot, allegedly pointed a gun at officers and “shot at officers first.”

Any Excuse Is Good Enough To Riot

It’s a story we’ve seen time and again.  Somebody commits a crime that necessitates the police get involved.  More often than not, the criminal then does something –pull the officer’s taser and shoot at him, point a gun, try to assault multiple cops, etc — that escalates the situation.   When the criminal gets shot for his violent and dangerous behavior, the crowds start to gather, paining the criminal as the victim.

That’s what happened in Chicago yesterday afternoon.

As soon as the officer-involved shooting was over, a large crowd began to gather.  According to Brown, they were “fueled by misinformation as the afternoon turned into evening.”  The crowd continued to grow and become more agitated as social media posts began to call for more people to join them in the area — and to start looting downtown Chicago.

Knowing how quickly this could get out of hand, Brown sent 400 more officers to the downtown area in response to the growing crowd.

And as has happened in dozens of cities, the looting and violence soon got out of hand.  By the end of the night, this included shooting at and assaulting police officers.  Brown confirmed that 13 Chicago police officers were injured in the overnight violence.

While these violent criminals were plotting and planning their weekend of destruction, where was Mayor Lightfoot?  She spent yesterday afternoon shaming people who were picnicking on the beach and violating the ‘social distancing’ orders.

And in the morning, what was left?

Now, on Monday morning, Superintendent Brown reports that his officers have already arrested more than 100 participants in the weekend’s rioting and looting.  They’ll be charged with “looting, disorderly conduct, [and] battery against police.”

Brown made it clear that his officers were going to spend time looking through the available video of the melee, looking for any way to identify the people in the crowd so that they, too, could face justice.

The Left’s America

This is the only kind of America that the hard left can create.  Violence, strife, division and destruction.

Our Second Amendment rights ARE the thin line between us and violence — especially once the left has defunded the police!

Carry every day and avoid Democrat-run big cities where these far-leftists are in charge!