Cincinnati Sees Weekend Of Chaos, Violence, Shootings — Republican Gov. DeWine Calls For Gun Control

Cincinnati, OH — Another violent weekend in a big city — but instead of New York City or Chicago, it’s in Cincinnati, Ohio.

At least 18 people were shot, four fatally, during a violent night in Cincinnati, police said.

Ten people were shot on East McMicken Avenue and Lang Street in Over-the-Rhine, four were shot on Chalfonte Place in Avondale, and three were shot near Lincoln and Gilbert avenues in Walnut Hills. An additional shooting later Sunday morning was reported by The Associated Press, bringing the total wounded to 18.

During the incident at Over-the-Rhine, one died at the scene and another at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center; they were identified in a statement as 34-year-old Robert Rogers and 30-year-old Jaquiez Grant.

“These all seem to be separate, independent incidents, but horrific and tragic that we have this much violence and potential for that much loss of life in our city,” Assistant Police Chief Paul Neudigate said.

Check out the local news station’s report:

DeWine Is A Traitor To Gun Owners

While it’s always sad to hear of lives lost for no purpose other than mayhem, we’re well beyond falling for the lie that gun control will stop the problem.  This entire summer has been a bloodbath in gun controlled, Democrat-led cities.  From New York City to Chicago, Philadelphia, and now Cincinnati, the story is the same.

But Ohio is under a Republican governor — at least in theory.  In reality, Republican governor Mike DeWine is a fool, and continues to display that for his state to see.

If his machinations during the Covid scare didn’t show gun owners that he was not their friend, then his comments in light of last weekend’s violence should clinch the deal.

In a statement released on Sunday afternoon, DeWine said the following:

“Ohio must act.  As more and more people are hurt and killed by gun violence, I am again urging Ohio’s legislature to pass our #STRONGOhio bill. This bill will help protect our citizens while also respecting the Second Amendment and due process rights.”

Of course, we don’t know anything about these crimes yet to say whether or not they were already a failure of gun control.  Were the shooters previously felons, and thus couldn’t have legally owned a gun?   Were they illegally concealed carrying without a permit — not that permits are constitutional, just that they’re one more gun control law that doesn’t actually stop crime.

We could go on.  DeWine is just using this opportunity to do what he always does: sell out gun owners.

Chris Dorr, Executive Director of Ohio Gun Owners –the state’s biggest and meanest gun rights group — didn’t mince words when asked for comment about DeWine’s betrayal.  In a message exchange, Dorr shot back on DeWine:

“The Rumpelstiltskin of the gun control moment, this guy specializes in spinning the blood of the innocent dead into his perverse political gold: gun control. He’s going to use this to make a big push for gun control but Ohio Gun Owners are not falling for it now, or EVER AGAIN.”

Gun owners have to reject Republicans like DeWine.  He offers nothing to advance gun rights, and sells them out at every turn!

Enough of compromises and sellouts — we need political warriors!