BREAKING: Political Chaos in Ohio, Petition to Impeach the Governor DeWine!

Columbus, OH–Voters in Ohio woke up angry this morning — and not only because of the Corona virus or a quarantine.  No, they’re steaming mad after their Governor cancelled their primary vote — a decision which gave his friends a leg up and gave conservatives the short end of the stick. Heck, it gave conservatives a beating with the short end of the stick.

Today was supposed to be Primary Tuesday in Ohio.  This primary race has been hot from the start, with several underdog conservative candidates running against establishment RINOS and committed leftists.

Yesterday morning, Governor DeWine, the Secretary of State, and the Lt. Governor announced that they were going to move the primary to JUNE 2nd.  They acknowledged from the outset that they didn’t have authority to do this, but reported that they were suing in court to establish the legal precedent that would make their decision legally binding.

Outrageous!   Article 1, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution says that state legislatures decide when elections are held.  Governors don’t have power to do that!  What if an incumbent governor was up for re-election and saw he was getting hammered in the polls and decided to just move the election to six months down the road?  It’s immediately obvious why a Governor does not and should not have that power.

Where Did They Pull That From?

DeWine and his crew claim a section of Ohio code gives them authority over elections when it says that ‘a dept head has the authority to issue orders in relation to public health crises.’  But the Constitution’s supremacy clause destroys that when it states that the Constitution shall be the highest law of the land and that no state can make a law that violates the Constitution.  Hello, DeWine?  Can you read?

If DeWine honestly was doing this over scares about the Corona virus, there was a proper and legal way to handle this.  He could have called the general assembly into session and had them vote on postponing the primary.  They are the only body who has the authority to decide on elections, after all. That would have been the Constitutional way to deal with the concerns that many people have raised.

The Circus Gets Even Crazier

But DeWine faced some opposition, as he sure as hell should have.

Franklin County Common Please Judge Frye tossed out DeWine’s case. “There are too many factors to balance in this uncharted territory to say that we ought to take this away from the legislature and elected statewide officials, and throw it to a common pleas court judge in Columbus 12 hours before the election.”

That’s right.  Twelve freaking HOURS before an election, it’s back on.  Ohio precincts had gotten creative with options like a ‘drive through voting’ where social distancing was still in place but the vote could go on.

This is where the rotten filth of Ohio’s political underbelly comes out in all it’s putridness.   You see, up until now, you could believe that DeWine just didn’t want to get people sick.

But AFTER Judge Frye had tossed his plea, DeWine had Amy Acton, the director of the Department of Health, issue a proclamation that she was shutting the elections down for health reasons.

Folks, this was at 10:00pm the night before the election.

Corruption in Columbus

Keep in mind that Amy is an appointee of DeWine.  She’s never had a ballot cast for her in her life and owes her job 100% to DeWine.  And what’s more, she’s a dedicated, hard core leftist activist.  She worked for Obama in 2008, she’s a fund manager for Planned Parenthood and NARAL.  She would love to destroy the Constitution!

So this morning, gun owners who wanted to vote for pro gun candidates like Candice Keller arrived at the polls to find that they couldn’t vote because after they went to bed, DeWine’s Amy Acton postponed the election yet again.

This is NOT how American politics were designed to work.  This isn’t a damn oligarchy where a few big wigs and their friends get to rig the game in their favor.  And we’ll have more information later in the day today about exactly how this benefited DeWine and his family and friends.  Stay tuned.

This story is changing by the minute but if your blood isn’t boiling yet, check yourself for a pulse.  There isn’t one red-blooded American in this country who shouldn’t be enraged by this anti-gun governor’s efforts to suppress the vote in favor of his leftist friends. If the Constitution goes out the window anytime there is a perceived threat, we’re all in danger.