Richmond: House Advances Worst Gun Control Bill Yet, Use Cops To Clear Angry Gun Owners Out Of The Room

Richmond, VA–The Democrats in Virginia are on a tyrannical roll.  Late this Friday afternoon, the House Public Safety Committee advanced the most controversial gun control bill filed in Virginia in decades.

This bill bans the sale of ‘assault weapons’ and also bans the possession of high capacity magazine that hold 12 or more rounds.

House Bill 961 was filed by Delegate Mark Levin, who we’ve mentioned before.  If there’s a radical, anti-American bill to be voted on, you can count on Mark Levine to either be the one who filed it or to back it one hundred percent.

Ironically, when asked at a recent town hall event to define what an assault weapon was–since he wants to ban them–Levine made a complete and utter fool of himself.

It’s worth noting that this current version of 961 is not even as terrible as Levine wanted.  He wanted to dramatically expand what constituted an ‘assault weapon’ and ban any magazine over ten rounds!  But we’re still mad as hell about this bill.  And unlike sellout legislators and compromised gun groups, we’ll die before we praise the scraps that fall from the Democrats’ table.

The Devil Went Down to Richmond, But There Were No Souls Left To Steal

But in Richmond, today, in a party-line vote of 12-9, the Democrats voted to send HB 961 to the House for a floor vote.

This bill gives Virginian’s choices when it comes to high capacity magazines:  send them to states where they’re legal, turn them into the state, or destroy them with a drill.  Great choices, right?

HB 961 also would allow Virginians to own a ‘centerfire assault rifle’ but prohibits the sale or transfer of them in nearly any situation .

That is, YOU can keep your guns but your kids and grandkids are only going to dream of a day when citizens could own those weapons.

We Will Not Go Quietly Into The Night

In the committee room today, there were nearly 200 visitors there to be sure that the public safety committee knew that their vote would not go unnoticed.

When the votes were counted and it was clear the bill had passed, there was an uproar from the largely pro-gun crowd.  Many stood up and shouted, “We will not comply!”

But the cowardly Democrats didn’t like facing the people they’d screwed over, so Del. Patrick Hope of Arlington, Va called for security to clear the room.

Undeterred, the crowd turned to the State Patrol officers, “Whose side are you on?”

Del. Nick Rush, a Republican from Montgomery, stood up and tried to speak over the crowd’s shouting.  He told them that the officers were just doing their job.

Bad move, pal.  Bad move.  Gun owners across the country are about damn TIRED of hearing how ‘all of this is just procedure and can’t be stopped and everybody everywhere is just doing their job and we just need to get with the program.’  Stop grandstanding for the radical left, you gutless windbag.  They’re not going to thank you for laying down on the ground for them to stomp over in their march against on gun rights.  What a useless tool.

The Virginia State Patrol officers proceeded to force all of the 200 citizens observing the meeting to leave the room or be arrested.

This incident–in addition to making our blood boil–highlights the chasm opening up in the minds of gun owners.  Across the country, gun owners are standing up and flexing their muscle.  In the process, dozens or even hundreds of excellent members of law enforcement all across Virginia and the rest of the country have already made it clear that they stand with the Constitution and the Second Amendment.

After the Virginia State Patrol had cleared the room and made it an echo chamber, the Democrats went on about how they’re doing this to save lives.  Specifically, they mentioned the shooting at Virginia Tech–where high capacity magazines were used.  They failed to mention that lunatic used a handgun, not an assault rifle. They totally ignored that the real reason for the high death toll was the fact that the school was a gun free zone.

Virginia Stands As A Warning To Every Other State

But then, facts don’t matter to the Left.  Nor do lives, safety or children.  Their language is all a smoke screen for their true goal.  And that is: how to accumulate more power in their own hands and leave as little power as possible in the hands of the citizens.

Kudos to the men and women who showed up and stood up in the committee meeting room today.  But let this ring out as a warning to all the other states.  Virginia is going through hell, and if gun owners in other states don’t want to experience the helpless, powerless feeling that gun owners in Virginia are, the time to stand up and fight is NOW!