South Carolina City Passes Red Flag Gun Confiscation

Columbia, SC – Gun Owners were shocked on Tuesday, September 17th when the Columbia City Council passed a bill giving police the power to request red flag protection orders against residents.

The State reports three ordinances being passed, with the other two restricting guns near schools and creating a city-wide hate crime ordinance.

The Red Flag Gun Confiscation ordinance empowers police officers and family members to request orders to have your guns taken away.

A similar resolution was recently passed in Savannah, GA.

However, the Georgia code of law has a certain preemption that prevents local governments from legislating on firearm related policy.

Unlike Georgia, South Carolina’s state law allows for Columbia to empower their police to make the Red Flag Gun Confiscation order requests.

The kicker is that the municipal court must issue the requested confiscation order for your guns to actually be taken.

Section 23-31-520 of South Carolina code of law does not prevent a local court from approving a Red Flag Gun Confiscation order request.

If Columbia, SC does approve the Red Flag Gun Confiscation and the guns are taken, it is likely that a higher court will challenge the action.

Columbia’s ordinance resembles the federal red flag legislation sponsored by Sen. Lindsey Graham (SC-R).

The city’s intention is to ignite a challenge in the higher courts so that South Carolina will become a Red Flag Gun Confiscation state.

Turncoat Republican Lindsey Graham wants to tout his gun control in South Carolina to the rest of the nation.

Look what our great state of South Carolina is doing with red flags!

What a loser, and what a tyrannical action made by the City of Columbia.

Columbia, SC justifies the gun confiscation by citing a fall in suicide rates in other states with similar gun control laws.

Those intent on committing suicide will find a way.

Red Flag Gun Confiscation is a gross infringement of the Second Amendment and a middle finger to due process.

In the words of Benjamin Franklin, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither Liberty nor safety.