Radical Leftist Legislator in Virginia Can’t Even Define What An Assault Weapon Is!

Richmond, VA–We’ve mentioned the Marxism-loving Mark Levine to you before.  If there’s anything anti-American, anti-family, anti-Traditional, you can count on Mark Levine to be voting for it.

After all, Levine is essentially a Bloomberg plant, one of his ‘gun sense champions.’  Aka he’s sold out to leftism and will do whatever Daddy Bloombucks tells him to do.

Levine is the Virginia Delegate who filed House Bill 961,  a bill that bans ‘assault weapons.’  Virginians could only own them if they paid a licensing fee and, obviously, were placed on a state registry of licensed AR-15 owners.  He also filed a high-capacity magazine ban and more, but that’s not why we’re bringing him up today.

At a recent Town Hall event, an audience member submitted a question: “Define Assault Weapon.”

In a seven minute ramble, Mark Levine couldn’t really pin down a simple concrete definition.  We’ll call this bloviating footage the “Squirming Mark Two-Step.”

So yeah, according to the all-wise delegate, what makes a gun an assault weapon is how you hold it.  That and  whether or not they have any attachments that ‘weapons of war’ would have.  Like a pistol grip.  You know, those things that have no use except in battle.

What a moron.  When he had no facts, he just started using big, scary ‘gun-sounding’ words and making a fool of himself.

Pal, if you’re that dumb about how guns work, go take a hunter’s safety class.  They’ll have handy little hand-drawn black and white illustrations in the booklet.  That way you can learn what guns look like, how they work, etc.  You might even see a real gun–likely for the first time in your life.

We all know you didn’t see any guns last Monday on Lobby Day because you were hiding somewhere, no doubt.