Kelly Loeffler Honored Stacey Abrams During Brian Kemp’s Campaign Against Her

Atlanta, Georgia — While Socialist Stacey Abrams plodded her way around the state of Georgia last year threatening to ban, confiscate, and destroy firearms, magazines and ammunition owned by millions of Georgians, she took time during the campaign to make a stop at Atlanta Dream WNBA game in Atlanta.

On September 4, 2018, during the heat of the 2018 Governor’s race in Georgia, Atlanta Dream owner, Kelly Loeffler, Brian Kemp’s pick for the U.S. Senate, honored Socialist Stacey at mid court in the arena.

Socialist Stacey had this to say: “Had a great time supporting @AtlantaDream and meeting voters last night!”

Read that again … “meeting voters.”  Socialist Stacey used the appearance with Ms. Loeffler to get votes.

It was a campaign stop for Abrams, who Brian Kemp was attempting to fight off — and did — for control of the Governor’s mansion.

How many votes did Ms. Loeffler get for Ms. Abrams that night?  Hard to tell.

But what we can say is that gun owners are very worried about Ms. Loeffler’s relationship with politicians who want to destroy our Second Amendment rights.

Governor Kemp says to trust him, but as of now, he hasn’t kept the Second Amendment promises made on the campaign trail during his time as Governor.

No one knows anything about Ms. Loeffler and our Second Amendment rights.  Where does she stand on specific Second Amendment issues?

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