Brian Kemp’s Rumored Senate Choice Names Stacey Abrams An “Aspiring Woman”

Atlanta, Georgia – Pro gun control Senator Johnny Isakson (R-GA) will leave the Senate at the end of December giving Republican Georgia Governor Brian Kemp the opportunity to appoint someone to take his seat.

The Wall Street Journal reports Governor Kemp and President Trump had a rocky White House meeting over the matter on Sunday, just two days ago.

WNBA owner and $750,000 donor to Mitt Romney, Kelly Loeffler, appears to be Kemp’s choice, which has proved alarming to gun owners across the State of Georgia.

What does she believe on key Second Amendment issues?  Where does she stand on “Red Flag Gun Confiscation” orders?

Kelly Loeffler’s Atlanta Dream WNBA team earmarked big cash for Planned Parenthood.

WNBA players and league officials frequently push gun control on social media and in news stories.

Socialist Stacey Abrams, who played a role in bringing the Atlanta Dream to the city, was placed on the WNBA player’s union.

And Socialist Stacey’s consulting firm — Sage Works — has done work for the Atlanta Dream.

Kelly Loeffler, through the Atlanta Dream, designated Stacey Abrams an “aspiring woman” in 2014.

Loeffler also oversaw her team’s public opposition to the Religious Freedom Restoration Act in Georgia while ticket revenue was being donated to Planned Parenthood.

WNBA teams, including the Atlanta Dream, ban firearms and all weapons from any of their games.

How do we know Loeffler doesn’t support Red Flag Gun Confiscation and other gun control measures.

Loeffler has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, but gave zero dollars to Trump during the 2016 election.