Potential Brian Kemp Senate Pick, Kelly Loeffler, Has a History of Donating to Democrats

Atlanta, Georgia — Rumor is swirling around the state that Georgia Republican Brian Kemp could announce WNBA team owner and $750,000 donor to Mitt Romney, Kelly Loeffler, as the replacement for Johnny Isakson in the United States Senate.

But further examination of Ms. Loeffler’s campaign finance history shows she has donated to anti-gun RINO Susan Collins, as well as an alarming record of giving to Democrats.

Some of them even radical left-wing anti-gun Democrats like Chris Dodd, Debbie Stabenow, and Tom Harkin.

Loeffler donated to:
Jim Marshall (D): $1,000

Loeffler donated to:
David Scott (D): $2,000
Tom Harkin (D): $2,000

Loeffler donated to:
Bob Etheridge (D): $500
John Barrow (D): $500

Loeffler donated to:
Chris Dodd (D): $2,000

Loeffler donated to:
Debbie Stabenow (D): $2,000

This newsletter recently reported that Georgia’s retiring Senator Johnny Isakson is trying to go out with a gun control bang, introducing legislation, S. 2554, that would fund $300 million worth of gun control “research” at the CDC.

Here, here, here, and here.

The question now is: Would Kelly Loeffler be another moderate RINO in the U.S. Senate in the mold of Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, or Mitt Romney?

Someone willing to vote for so-called “sensible” gun control legislation pushed by the left?

In the words of President Trump … We’ll see what happens.