Georgia’s Johnny Isakson Joining Democrats to Impeach Trump?

Washington, D.C. — Georgia Republican Senator Johnny Isakson has officially caved to the radical left, and appears to be open to the impeachment of President Donald J. Trump.

Earlier today, Johnny Isakson talked to the Fake News DC swamp magazine Politico, where he made clear he now believes the President commited a “hard quid pro quo”, deapite evidence to the contrary.

It appears Senator Johnny Isakson has locked arms with the Democrats on impeachment.

When told about Gordon Sondland’s testimony, Sen. Johnny Isakson said “that sounds like a hard quid pro quo.”

“That’s the firmest anybody could say about the categorization of it” Isakson said.

“To my knowledge, everything that was said before was a soft quid pro quo”.

Here’s the direct screen shot and link from the Politico article:

As Democrats expend all of their sly dealings and resources to removed a duly elected President, Georgia Republican Johnny Isakson joins their ranks and backs Shifty Adam Schiff.

Just yesterday, Senator Isakson endorsed long time anti-gun career candidate Karen Handel in Georgia House District 6.

Handel had this to say about Isakson: “I am grateful to count Senator Isakson as a friend and mentor.

Georgians should beware of politicians in the mold of Isakson; Politicians who will stab President Trump in the back at the first chance they get.