Georgia Sen. Johnny Isakson Introduced Gun Control Bill

Washington, D.C. — Senator Johnny Isakson has introduced legislation that will pump 300 million dollars — $75 million over the next four years — into the Center for Disease Control and Prevention for anti-gun research.

The left-wing radicals at the CDC are foaming at the mouth for Isakson’s 300-million-dollar gun control bill (S. 2554).

Anti-gun Lucy Mcbath (GA-D) previously moved to allocate 50 million dollars to the CDC for an anti-gun project, and now Sen. Isakson is proposing 75 million dollars over the course of 4 years.

Isakson is playing into the hands of the left.

When Obama funded the CDC, the results did not come out as favorable as he would have liked.

The radical left won’t let that happen again.

Their anti-gun buddies down at the CDC will do the bidding of those that fund them.

These “gun violence” and mass violence” studies are predetermined with agendas and policy goals.

Gun control out of the CDC won’t work; it won’t stop crime, it won’t stop violence, it’s what the left wants, and they will always try to throw money at it.

They will hire left-wing “researchers” and college “professors” with predetermined notions . . . who will then pass on the “research” to anti-gun legislators to wave around in the air and demand gun control “because the CDC said so.”

Senator Isakson is making to sure to kick down gun owners on his way out.

The most dangerous enemy many times is the one who operates from within.