Anti-Gun Sen. Isakson Endorses Anti-Gun Karen Handel for Congress

Washington, D.C. – RINO Georgia Republican Senator Johnny Isakson has endorsed anti-gun Karen Handel in the GA-06 Republican Congressional primary against Marjorie Greene.

 Isakson, through immense pressure by the radical left, has completely let go of any conservative values he once may have had.

 In a sad unraveling of the senior Senator from Georgia, Johnny Isakson has abandoned fiscal responsibility and the rights of gun owners.

 With the help of gun grabber and adamant far-left radical Lucy Mcbath (GA-D), Johnny Isakson has proposed the allocation of 300 million dollars to anti-gun research.

 Sen. Johnny Isakson to this day has not denounced Red Flag Gun Confiscation, and neither has Karen Handel.

 In fact, Karen Handel once locked arms with 8 radical Democrats to vote for a gun owner database bill that would block thousands of innocent civilians from arming themselves.

 Karen Handel and Sen. Isakson have advocated for government lists of gun owners, along with the acquisition of anti-gun research to fuel their Red Flag Gun Confiscation.

 Retiring Senator Johnny Isakson is voting his conscience, which is guided by the far left radical gun-grabbers.