Poll Results: 95% of Gun Owners Support Doug Collins, 5% Support Loeffler

Kennesaw, Georgia — Georgia’s only no-compromise Second Amendment organization, Georgia Gun Owners, asked this poll question of its members last night:

Who would you prefer Georgia Governor Brian Kemp appoint to the U.S. Senate, Kelly Loeffler or Doug Collins?

Well, as of this morning, the results are in … and boy are they ugly for Ms. Loeffler.

Collins leads Ms. Loeffler, 95% to 5% with over 4,700 casting their votes for Collins and 233 for Loeffler to be exact.


Gun owners remember all too well that during the 2018 Georgia Republican Primary Election (5 candidates), Run-Off (Kemp v Cagle), and then General Election matchup against Socialist Stacey Abrams, the #1 issue in the race was the Second Amendment issue.

In addition to telling gun owners he supports Constitutional Carry, he was caught on video (see below) saying that as well.

However, Governor Kemp has been a major disappointment for gun owners, refusing to lift a finger for them during his first year at the Capitol in Atlanta.

We know Mr. Collins voted against Red Flag Gun Confiscation in the House Judiciary Committee earlier this year … but we know nothing about Ms. Loeffler’s stance on key Second Amendment issues.

And now, with Ms. Loeffler’s Senate appointment less than 24 hours away, gun owners are wondering, is Governor Kemp going to appoint a Mitt Romney, Planned Parenthood supporting, gun-banning at her WNBA games Senator