Brian Kemp’s Senate Pick — Kelly Loeffler — Bans Guns At WNBA Basketball Games

Atlanta, Georgia — Gun owners have been told to “trust” Governor Kemp on Second Amendment issues.

Yet with the revelation that women’s basketball (WNBA) team owner and Mitt Romney mega donor Kelly Loeffler is Brian Kemp’s pick to replace anti-gun Johnny Isakson in the U.S. Senate, gun owners have more than begun to scratch their heads.

After all, Mr. Kemp ran his campaign around the Second Amendment issue, he promised Constitutional Carry to gun owners, yet hasn’t delivered or kept any of his Second Amendment promises.

As co-owner of the Atlanta Dream, a WNBA team who plays their games at the “Gateway Center Arena” in College Park, Georgia, Ms. Loeffler apparently has agreed to the policy of banning all weapons at the games.

What that means is, Ms. Loeffler is OK with her business (the Atlanta Dream) conducting business in a “gun free zone.”

Here is the official policy from the Atlanta Dream website:

“No weapons (firearms, knives, etc.) will be allowed on the premise at any time regardless of a permit. All patrons will be required to go through a metal detector upon building entrance during public events.”

This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to gun owners, whose Second Amendment rights have been under a constant barrage from corporate America, from which Ms. Loeffler comes.

It also helps to explain the skepticism from gun owners of Mr. Kemp’s pick.

She also works within the WNBA community, which openly funds Planned Parenthood and left-wing causes, and has scores of “social justice warrior” players who attack our Second Amendment rights and push gun control in public and on social media.

The questions for gun owners remain.

Where does Ms. Loeffler stand on important Second Amendment issues like “Red Flag Gun Confiscation”?  Would she cave and support a so-called “assault weapons ban” like Mitt Romney passed into law while Governor of Massachusetts?  Remember, she and her husband, Wall Street executive Jeff Sprecher are personal friends with the Romney family and gave his PAC $750,000.

Kemp’s choice of Ms. Loeffler has created a monster grassroots storm not only among conservative Republicans in the state of Georgia, but also gun owners, who expressed their displeasure in the official Georgia Gun Owners Poll by casting their vote 95% for Doug Collins and 5% for Ms. Loeffler.

One thing is for sure, gun owners will have to get immediate heat on Ms. Loeffler, making sure she doesn’t fall prey to the demands of the gun grabbers (or vote her conscience) once safely in the U.S. Senate.