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Socialist Stacey Calls for Gun Ban, Makes “Emergency Deer Hunting” Comment

Statesboro, Georgia — Socialist Stacey Abrams has done it again, this time calling for new gun controls in Georgia, recorded in a video on the campus of Georgia Southern in Statesboro, Georgia.

In the video, Socialist Stacey calls for a new so-called “assault weapons ban” (her bill HB 731 in 2016 banned virtually all “semi-autos”), ending of private sales (so-called “universal background checks”), and a new “three day period” in order to buy a firearm.

Communist Party USA Praises Georgia’s Stacey Abrams on Their Website — TWICE

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New Details: Billionaires Funding Socialist Stacey Abrams

Stacey Abrams: Tax, Tax, Tax Guns and Ammo

George Soros Funding Stacey Abrams (see the numbers here)


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