Stacey Abrams: Tax, Tax, Tax Guns and Ammo

Atlanta, Georgia — New evidence reveals that Socialist Stacey Abrams wants to tax anything she can get her hands on, including guns and ammo.

In a book she co-wrote with a number of other socialists back in the 1990s, Socialist Stacey said this:

“Go ahead and say it: tax, tax, tax.  It is not a bad word.  Taxes are needed so that we can implement plans to eliminate social problems.”

We know Socialist Stacey views the private ownership of firearms — and the ability to carry open or concealed — as a “social problem

She’s spent years attacking our Second Amendment, and now campaigns on banning, confiscating, and destroying firearms, ammunition, and magazines owned by millions of Georgians.

A tax on guns and ammo fits perfectly into the gun grabbers list of demands, because they know high taxes would make it even more difficult for Americans to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

What would a tax look like?

Who could forget Hillary Clinton in front of a Senate Committee proposing a minimum 25% tax?

Socialist Stacey is the most anti-Second Amendment candidate to run for governor in the history of the state.

She’s very public about that point, and in fact brags about it on the campaign trail.

She’ll receive between $35 and $50 million in support from billionaires Bloomberg, Soros, Steyer, Sandler and Phillips, all of whom want to shred your Second Amendment rights.

Destroying the Second Amendment is the “Holy Grail” policy issue for the left.

If you saw any of the Supreme Court hearings last week with nominee Brett Kavanaugh, you would have seen the first question asked of him was about guns, from Dianne Feinstein.

The good news is, Georgia Gun Owners is leading the fight, spending huge amounts of money to expose Socialist Stacey to millions of Georgians.

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With less than two months before election day, we must keep up the heat 24/7/365 — there is no time to rest.

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*** reprinted with permission of Georgia Gun Owners

For freedom,

Patrick Parsons
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners