BREAKING: Constitutional Carry Passes Sub-Committee In Iowa — Could Pass The House Yet This Week With Enough Pressure From Gun Owners!

Des Moines, IA — One big step closer to a major victory for gun owners in Iowa, today, as the Constitutional Carry bill that we reported on last week sailed through it’s subcommittee just hours ago.

From here, the bill will be heard by the entire House Public Safety Committee, and after that, it heads to a full House floor vote.

As soon as news of the bill broke, Iowa’s biggest pro-gun organization started to pour on the heat, releasing radio and digital ads mobilizing gun owners to contact their legislators and tell them to pass the bill!

We’ll keep you posted with updates.

Iowa’s bill follows on the heels of both Utah and Montana passing ‘permitless’ carry in the last two weeks.  Iowa is the latest in a string of states that have filed Constitutional Carry legislation, including Ohio, Georgia, Pennsylvania and more.

Pro-gun legislation has taken off in states all across the country since Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were installed in the White House just over a month ago.

With Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi both calling on Congress to pass sweeping federal gun control as recently as February 14th, gun owners aren’t waiting for the hammer to drop before they stand up for their gun rights!

Things Could Move Fast

Typically, a bill like this would go through a process: first a subcommittee vote, and then up for a committee vote before going to the full House floor for a vote.

But insiders say that even if the bill goes the typical route, they still expect  it move quickly, as legislatures across the country are worried about the potential for Covid related closures.

These shutdowns cut the legs out from under several great gun bills last year, along with many other ‘pet’ bills that legislators were working on for their constituents.  Because of the threat of that happening again, legislators across the country have been prioritizing their most important bills and moving them quickly.

Grassroots Gun Owners Are Getting It Done

Gun owners are making it clear that if their legislators aren’t going to fight for gun owners, they might as well pack up their desks come the next election cycle.

Thankfully, Iowans have a powerhouse of a gun rights organization, the Iowa Gun Owners.  This group is responsible for the state’s Stand-Your-Ground law which passed in 2017.

The organization’s website also chronicles their work in booting out some of the most powerful anti-gun politicians in the state’s history!

It’s their work in clearing the field that makes the eventual passage of ANY Constitutional Carry bill possible!  They worked to mobilize their members and supporters to hammer on the legislators via phone calls, tens of thousands of emails and petitions, as well as through hard-hitting digital and social media ad campaigns.

It’s great to see this momentum in the Hawkeye state — they’ve waited long enough!