Texas Homeowner Shoots Burglar Who Woke Him Up While Breaking Into His Home

Amarillo, TX — Amarillo isn’t Dallas, and burglars would do well to remember it.  In Dallas, you’re as likely to find a California or Boston transplant as you are to find an armed Texan with a gun.  But in Amarillo?  Criminals oughtta know better.

But you can’t help stupid, as evidenced by this story.  At 4:30 in the morning on October 6th, a homeowner in Amarillo was asleep when he was woken by  loud noises coming from the front room of his house.

The home, located Southwest 4th Avenue and South Kentucky Street, was in a nice neighborhood on a quiet street.   The homeowner heard the noises and came out of his bedroom with his home defense gun.

Police reported that the the resident shot at the suspect and the suspect ran from the home wounded.  When the officers arrived, they found the intruder’s blood on the floor and some of items he’d used to break in.

Hours later, Amarillo Police identified their main suspect as 26-year-old Francisco Javier Solis Jr. Officers found him hiding in another home on Kentucky Street.  When they found him, he had an “injury to his arm consistent with a gunshot wound” and evidence linking him to the burglary.  Presumably he had made off with some goods from the home.

Solis was treated at a hospital and upon his release, was arrested for burglary of a habitation.

Guns Save Lives Every Day

The anti-gun left pretends these stories aren’t a dime a dozen, but an American uses a gun to defend themselves against criminals EVERY SINGLE DAY!

This homeowner was ready — he had a gun close at hand. He was mentally prepared to defend himself and his family against a criminal who was willing to violate his home.  He did everything right, from the sounds of things.

Carry every day — and night!