SAPA Legislation Moving In Wyoming As State Seeks To Nullify All Federal Gun Control With New Legislation — Following In Missouri’s Footsteps

Cheyenne, WY — We reported in January how the political buzz at the Capitol in Cheyenne was that pro-gun rock star Anthony Bouchard was going to file the ‘Second Amendment Preservation Act’ bill, or SAPA legislation.

Senator Anthony Bouchard kept his promise to keep fighting for gun owners and filed the bill, S.F. 81 on February 3rd.

On Friday, that SAPA legislation was assigned to the Senate Judiciary Committee.  It also has accomplished another big feat in racking up a long list of cosponsors already!

These include Senators:  Biteman, French, Hutchings, James, McKeown and Salazar.  In the House, the bill has the following Congressmen and women as cosponsors:  Baker, Bear, Burt, Fortner, Gray, Haroldson, Heiner, Laursen, Neiman, Ottman, Rodriguez-Williams, Wharff and Winter.

This is FANTASTIC news for gun owners in the state of Wyoming!

A Great Track Record

Not only has Senator Bouchard been a towering figure in the successful fight to pass Constitutional Carry in Wyoming, but he was instrumental in passing the best Stand Your Ground law in the nation for his state.

Just recently, Senator Bouchard announced that he’s going to primary Liz Cheney for Wyoming’s single Congressional seat in 2022. Cheney’s vote to impeach President Trump drew lots of anger from Wyoming voters who overwhelmingly voted to reelect the President by a 7 to 3 margin.

Gun owners in Wyoming haven’t forgotten that Liz Cheney also voted for a ‘red flag gun seizure’ law on our military personnel — just ten days before she voted to impeach President Trump.

Needless to say, Bouchard has shown himself to be leagues above the average Republican legislator — and not just in Wyoming!

What Is SAPA?

SAPA nullifies federal gun control laws by requiring state law enforcement officers and state officials to only enforce state laws regarding firearms, ammo, and accessories — and only if that state law complies with the Second Amendment.  This bill essentially makes the entire state of Wyoming into a second amendment sanctuary!

SAPA legislation is based on the well-established ‘anti-commandeering doctrine’ which states that the federal government may not simply ‘commandeer’ the state’s legislative authority and force them to submit to federal laws that conflict with state law.

The idea that the states are separate legal entities that have the right to tell the federal government to pound sand has been upheld by the Supreme Court repeatedly — by conservative and liberal justices alike — going back hundreds of years.

That means that if Joe Biden and his radical Democrat legislature pass a federal law requiring the confiscation of the AR-15 and all magazines that hold over ten rounds of ammunition, that state’s city, state, and county authorities would be required to ignore it.

And if they tried to enforce federal law anyway — think of some liberal Chief of Police in an urban area — the gun owner whose rights were violated could civilly sue the offending official!

Grassroots Gun Owners Are Changing The Gun Rights Landscape

Senator Bouchard has been immune to pressure from moderate Republicans to join them in compromising on gun rights in part because he has worked hand-in-glove with the state’s largest and most powerful gun rights organization, the Wyoming Gun Owners.

This organization has spearheaded major pro-gun victories in the last five years, including passing Constitutional Carry and Stand Your Ground law.  They’ve been heavily involved in the election cycle, booting moderate Republicans out left and right in the primary cycle — flexing the muscle of organized gun owners in a way that Cheyenne Swamp Monsters had forgotten was possiblwe!

Thanks to political protection from WYGO — and the fact that tens of thousands of gun owners in the state are kept up to day by the gun group — Bouchard has been able to plow past any moderate Republicans who might want to play nice with the radical left in Washington, D.C.