Wyoming’s Liz Cheney Voted To Pass Red Flags On Our Military Personnel In 2020 — Just Days Before She Stabbed President Trump In The Back With Impeachment Vote

Cheyenne, WY — Gun owners in Wyoming have known that their state’s only Congressional representative, Republican Liz Cheney, was no friend of theirs for a long time.

But the rest of the country has recently learned how Rep. Cheney would rather swim in the D.C. swamp than stand up for the basic ideals of the people who elected her.

It turns out she recently voted to pass a defense bill that included a portion that would authorize a military version of a ‘red flag’ law — called a GCO.

According to gun writer John Crump:

Congress is hiding a red flag law in the William M. (Mac) Thornberry National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for the Fiscal Year 2021 (H.R. 6395).

The NDAA authorizes the military to “red flag” anyone subject to the Uniform Code of Military Conduct. According to the NDAA, a friend or relative could report the service member as “abusive.” An ex parte “court” will hear the claims of the friend or relative and decided whether to take firearms away from the accused. The gun owner doesn’t have a chance to defend themselves or even know that someone is accusing them of abuse.

Just like regular American citizens, our military personnel could have their gun rights stripped away and face armed police who have arrived to confiscate their guns in the middle of the night without a chance to defend themselves in court or to face their accuser.

Crump went on to say:

Politicians have slipped in this Constitutionally questionable provision into the NDAA under cover of darkness. Politicians on both sides on the aisle have been quiet over the inclusion of the GCO provision. It is unknown why there is silence from self-proclaimed pro-gun Republicans on the issue of GCOs in the NDAA. Some gun rights advocates theorize that they do not know that the provision is in the NDAA. Others feel the Republicans are compromising with anti-gun Democrats to get the NDAA passed through the House of Representatives.
When we think “pro-red-flag Republicans” our minds immediately jump to that sellout RINO Representative Dan Crenshaw — who is an embarrassment to every gun owner in Texas.
But it turns out that Wyoming’s own Liz Cheney voted for this bill, too!  Her final vote in favor of H.R. 6395 came on December 28th.
Just 16 days later, she voted to impeach then-President Donald Trump, rightfully earning her the anger thousands of Republicans in the state of Wyoming!
Cheney’s betrayal of Donald Trump and gun owners is impossible to ignore.  We reported two weeks ago when Wyoming’s second amendment rock star, Senator Anthony Bouchard, announced he is going to primary Liz Cheney in 2022.

Grassroots Gun Owners Are The Future, But It’s All Hands On Deck

The Swamp is powerful and deeply entrenched.  Just today, Republicans in Congress voted not to remove Liz Cheney from any of her committees — while many are voicing opposition to Georgia’s up-and-coming fireball, Marjorie Taylor Greene.

This tells you how much bilge water is backed up in the Republican party.  It’s time to drain it or it won’t matter if we win elections in the future.  After all, if the GOP will vote for Red Flags without any political cost, there’s nothing stopping the left from passing them!

Grassroots gun owners are still one of the most powerful political forces in the political sphere.  But letting the dead-weight organizations like the NRA do the heavy lifting has not worked.  Gun owners need to vote, get involved, run for office, add their legislators phone numbers to their phones and call them more often than their grandmas!   At the very least, donate to individual politicians and organizations who NEVER compromise with the radical left!

All the rest of the D.C. swamp can help each other — because that’s what they’re best at!

They’re sure not helping gun owners.