New York: Democrat Rep. Files Bill That Would Criminalize Anyone Under 21 From Touching A Gun — State Gun Groups Fight Back

Albany, NY — We reported several weeks ago about an ugly bill filed in New York state that would make it illegal for any New Yorker under the age of 21 to touch a gun — unless they are hunting.  The radical representative who filed it, Amy Paulin, apparently didn’t realize that her legislation,  Assembly Bill 412,  is basically a rapist’s dream bill.

If Paulin’s bill makes it into law, all the sick rapists will know that every single woman under the age of 21 is unarmed!  After all, it t would be a criminal offense for New Yorkers who are 18, 19, or 20-years-old to possess a firearm for any reason other than hunting!

If your 20-year-old daughter is home alone while you are out of town?  Or maybe she goes to stay at a friend’s house on the weekend and they’re home alone when a violent predator decides to attack?

There are dozens of situations where this bill will cost the lives of innocent people, but beyond that cost, there’s another nasty aspect of this bill.

If it’s illegal to even TOUCH a gun before you’re 21 or are hunting….when do you teach your kids how to shoot?

You can’t!  That would make you a criminal!

The real purpose of this legislation is to forever severe the tie between gun owners of today and the next generation of gun owners. If AB-412 passes, it would be a crime for any gun owner in the state to teach their children or grandchildren how to shoot, until they are 21.

New Yorkers Won’t Forget That The Crime Is The Legislature’s Fault

It’s outrageous that ANY legislator in New York is trying to curb gun rights when they are personally responsible for the staggering rise in violent crime in their state! After all, the legislature voted to pass all kinds of legislation that is soft on criminals and hard on gun owners!

Talk about projection.

Gun owners in New York haven’t forgotten that their politicians happily supported last summer’s violent rioters, ended cash bail in New York State, and tried to defund the police — while pushing  garbage legislation like this!

We’ve documented the staggering rise in crime that resulted from radical Governor Andrew Cuomo’s ‘bail reform’ law that went into effect on January 1, 2020.

We reported in 2020 how crime skyrocketed in Bill DeBlasio’s New York City once he disbanded the 600 member anti-crime unit of the New York Police Department.

And that’s to say nothing of releasing hundreds of criminals because of the Corona Scare!  We reported when a police officer was shot in the neck by one of those same prisoners!

But still anti-gun legislators like Amy Paulin think that if they just make it illegal for 20-year-old girls to touch guns, the violent crime in their state will fall.

Not Everyone Agrees

In the state of New York there is a rapidly-growing grassroots gun organization called the New York State Firearms Association.  This group is part of a nationwide network of ‘no compromise’ gun groups — and it shows!

The organization recently released this hard-hitting ad, exposing Amy Paulin and her insane gun control bill:

These sorts of ads really hit the nail on the head — and are very effective at mobilizing gun owners to speak up against this garbage.

The left often hopes that their tyrannical and oppressive legislation will just slip into law unnoticed.  What they hate more than anything is to have a light shined into the darkness that is their vision for America.

We say to LIGHT THEM UP, New York State Firearms Association and more power to you!