New Leftist Policies In New York Unleash Crime Wave While Radical Gun Control Leaves Citizens Helpless

We all know the radical left doesn’t care one iota about saving lives, safety, children or any of their other buzzwords.  They may cry on television about dying children and gun violence, but they have no problem forcing taxpayers to fund abortion.  So much for caring about kids.

That said, nothing highlights their gross hypocrisy more than the recently passed laws in the state of New York.  These laws have made New York City a criminal free for all, with the unarmed citizens a veritable buffet of victims.

New York is no longer putting violent criminals in jail.  As of January 1st, their “Bail Reform” law went into effect.  The law passed by Cuomo and friends now allows violent felons to walk free until their trail–without even posting a bond.

Arsonists, burglars, those who assault a child, manslaughter suspects, drug dealers–even those who sell to children, sex perverts who make and distribute child porn, and hundreds more….all go free until they’re (in leftist fairy tail land) going to come to court for their trials of their own volition.

Needless to say, the left is insane to think that violent criminals are fundamentally good while law-abiding gun owners are fundamentally dangerous and evil.

The Citizens Are Sitting Ducks

No law-abiding citizens can legally carry a gun in the city.  But since January 1st, shootings are up 59.6 percent over last year on this date!  Just this week, a pregnant woman was shot  just sitting in her car outside her own home.  But it’s not just shootings that are on the rise!

Violent crime is up across the board!   Robberies have gone up 32.8 percent and grand larceny auto crimes were up a staggering 62.8 percent. Burglaries rose by 17 percent.

Folks, this was just in the first 26 days of the year.

If We Submit To Their Laws, The State Will Keep Us Safe…..Right?

The left creates a problem: releasing criminals to create a violent, dangerous society.  Then the people cry out for safety and security and demand that dangerous weapons be banned.

How convenient for the left!  And since it’s illegal for anybody to carry a gun to defend themselves, there can’t be headlines about good guys stopping crime with a gun.  Nobody but the cops and criminals have them–and the cops have been told to stay home!

NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea commented on the shocking statistics:  “It’s no mystery. It’s all about New York’s law abolishing bail. If you let out individuals that commit a lot of crime, that’s precision policing in reverse and we’re seeing the effects in a very quick time,”

Shea pointed out that while the prison population has dropped significantly–a stated goal of Cuomo and company–it has a direct correlation to the rise in violent crime outside the prisons!

Some of these criminals are being arrested for a crime, released on their own recognizance, committing the same crime again, and being released again within the same week.  One criminal was arrested three times in a week, was released each time, and is still walking the streets of New York City!

Society in Chaos = More Power in Leftist Hands

The left is insane.  Their policies betray the truth of their motives:  they want to build a state where everybody is dependent on them for safety, for food, for housing, for healthcare.

They don’t want free citizens who can take care of themselves and protect themselves.  They want an elite class–and of course that’s them.  Under the wise, all-knowing elites will toil the the foolish, childish citizens who can’t determine their own lives without help.

Bull sh!t.

We’re not having any of that crap.  And the first thing the left attacks is the right to defend yourself against violent criminals and to defend yourself against tyrants.  NEVER stop fighting to protect your gun rights.  When your gun rights are gone, you’re at the whim of radicals who don’t care if you and your family live or die.