NEW YORK: Bill Filed That Would Make It A Crime To TOUCH A Gun Before You’re 21 Years Old!

Photo Credit: New York State Assembly Legislator Information Page

Albany, NY — Every once in a while we read about a bill so dumb that it’s obvious that the legislator who wrote it didn’t bother to rub two brain cells together to consider the implications of their bill.

That’s the case with New York State’s recently filed Assembly Bill 412, which we’re calling the “Rapist’s Dream Bill.”  This genius bill would make it illegal for anybody under the age of 21 to touch a gun — unless they’re out hunting.

Under this bill, it would be a criminal offense for New Yorkers who are 18, 19, or 20-years-old to possess a firearm for any reason other than hunting!

With violent crime exploding in New York, these genius legislators think that a bill like this is what they should offer their law-abiding constituents!

A.B. 412 was filed by District 88’s Amy Paulin.  Assemblywoman Paulin obviously didn’t spend much time trying to think of scenarios where a person under the age of 21 would need to use a gun.

Any gun owner could think of half a dozen, but the most common would be that of an unarmed young woman.

Just imagine that you’re gone to work and your 20-year old daughter or granddaughter is home alone when she hears glass breaking.

A violent attacker is in the house and she knows you have a handgun in your bedroom.  But if Paulin’s bill makes it into law, your granddaughter could be charged with a crime and go to jail if she uses your gun to defend herself!

Amy Paulin has essentially outlawed self-defense for anybody under 21 years old.

The Left Hates Guns More Than They Love Women And Children

Bills like this one prove once and for all that the anti-gun left doesn’t care about women.  And they don’t care about saving lives.

After all, New York’s anti-gun politicians happily supported last summer’s violent rioters, ended cash bail in New York State, and were trying to defund the police — all while pushing for garbage legislation like this!

We reported in 2020 how crime skyrocketed in Bill DeBlasio’s New York City once he disbanded the 600 member anti-crime unit of the New York Police Department.

We’ve also documented the staggering rise in crime that resulted from radical Governor Andrew Cuomo’s ‘bail reform’ law that went into effect on January 1, 2020.

And that’s to say nothing of releasing hundreds of criminals because of the Corona Scare!  We reported when a police officer was shot in the neck by one of those same prisoners!

But still anti-gun legislators like Amy Paulin think that if they just make it illegal for 20-year-old girls to touch guns, the violent crime in their state will fall.

If you ask us, they’re totally out to lunch.

If you live in New York State, please fill out this petition that will go directly to YOUR state legislators telling them to CRUSH Amy Paulin’s insane bill 412!