New York Police Officer Shot In Neck By Violent Criminal Who Was Released From Prison By Cuomo’s Criminal-Friendly Covid Policies

Rochester, NY — One Rochester, NY police officer will spend his Christmas recovering after he was shot in the neck by a violent felon that was released because of ‘concerns over covid’ and Governor Andrew Cuomo’s radical new bail laws.

Local news WIVB reports:

Rochester police Capt. Mark Mura said the officer responded to a house on the 300 block of Hague Street around 8 a.m. for the report of a man with a gun attempting to get into a house.

“When the officer arrived, immediately upon arrival, he was fired on by the suspect,” Capt. Mura said.

Mura said the officer was struck at least one time in the upper body, and was rushed to Strong Memorial Hospital by another officer. Capt. Mura said the officer is in stable condition, adding that he’s lucky to be alert given his injury.


The article continued:

“The officer is alert, awake and speaking with doctors right now,” Capt. Mura said. “Anytime one of our officers is hurt, it’s a stressful situation. We don’t want anyone in our community hurt, especially our officers.”

The suspect has been identified as James Hunter, 54. Investigators say Hunter has a lengthy criminal history, involving multiple robbery and weapons convictions. Police say he was wanted for striking an RPD officer with a vehicle in 2019. That officer was hospitalized at the time.

Investigators say Hunter was bitten by a police K9 after the shooting and may have been injured jumping over a number of fences while fleeing. He was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Capt. Mura said the officer who was struck is a 15-year veteran of the RPD, but he wouldn’t release his name pending family being notified.

What Was He Doing On The Streets?

According to police, the suspect, James Hunter, had been arrested repeatedly. In fact, in 2019 he was arrested for trying to run over a cop!

But in July of 2019, Governor Cuomo and his radical socialist friends passed a new bail law that went into effect on January 1st, 2020.  The new law says that violent criminals — people charged with some of the most heinous crimes — may no longer being held in jail until their trial!

Why not?

The far leftists backing the law argued that charging bail was racist, since more minorities were less likely to make bail than criminals of other races!

So in New York, they’ve just stopped holding criminals until trial, but have left them to walk the streets until their court dates!  That’s right, these violent criminals were going to show up in court on their own free will, instead of being held until their trial!

It’s a catch and release for criminals!

In some cases, violent criminals have been arrested for crimes multiple times in a single day but police were forced to release them back on the streets to terrorize more people until their court dates!

If this wasn’t proof enough that Andrew Cuomo doesn’t care about the safety of New Yorkers, consider as well that New York led the way in releasing violent criminals from prison because of the Corona Scare!

James Hunter joins the list of other ‘covid-criminals‘ who are free to prey on New York citizens while their Governor applauds!

They Don’t Care About The Safety Of Citizens or Cops!

In the fight for gun control, the radical left often uses emotional phrases to manipulate the audience. “Don’t you care that children are getting shot?” “How many people have to die before you gun owners will consider common sense gun control?”

This story illustrates how the left use some victims to justify disarming citizens…but ignore victims of their own radical policies!

But that’s all part of their plan!

They create a dangerous city by releasing criminals and disarming innocent law-abiding citizens. Soon the people will beg for more government, more police, more Statist control so they can feel safe in their homes again.

How do you get people to give you more and more power over them without a fight?  Scare them into asking you to take their power ‘for their own good.’