Bronx, NY — Nobody can say that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo isn’t consistent.  The arrogant leftist never saw a terrible idea he wouldn’t get behind.

Case in point: releasing criminals before they have finished serving their time.  Long before Covid-19 came along, Cuomo had passed a law that released hundreds of criminals into the streets.  And when the virus showed up, what better excuse than ‘prisoner safety’ to keep on doing just that?

Daniel Vargas, 29, is behind bars –again– after he allegedly approached a 62-year-old man on Valentine Avenue in the Bronx.  It was just after 8:00 am on Tuesday morning.   Vargas demanded the elderly man give him $80.

“Give me your money,” he allegedly told the man.

The elderly man, who walks with a cane, refused.

That’s when Vargas began to viciously beat the old man, began repeatedly punching and kicking him.

Vargas allegedly then slugged the victim in his body, pushed him against a wall and shoved him to the ground.

He then ran off with the old man’s money.  He was later picked up by police.

Sounds like a real peach, right?

Who Could Have Known? He was such a good boy!

Back in 2017, Daniel Vargas already had more than a dozen arrests for assault, weapons possessions, robbery and burglary.   In fact, he’d been locked up since 2014, but in November of 2017 he was paroled.

Vargas returned to his life of crime.  He violated his parole multiple times and was locked up again…..until just last month.

On March 28, 2020, Vargas was one of 1,100 parole violators ordered released by Governor Andrew Cuomo out of fear that the Corona Virus could spread through the prison system.

Prison officials confirmed that Vargas wasn’t let out by mistake.  They said of Vargas:  “…having met the criteria under the directive from March 27 to release certain low-level technical parole violators in response to the growing number of COVID-19 cases in local jails, Daniel Vargas parole was lifted on March 28.”

Needless to say, Cuomo isn’t bringing Daniel Vargas up in his press conferences.

The Left Doesn’t Care About Safety

In the fight for gun control, the radical left often uses emotional phrases to manipulate the audience.  “Don’t you care that children are getting shot?”  “How many people have to die before you gun owners will consider common sense gun control?”

This story is a perfect example of how leftists use a tragedy to further their agenda–but don’t actually care about people or safety at all.

The party that loves to kill babies in the womb only cares about kids dying if those kids’ deaths help them disarm American citizens.

Collateral Damage Means Nothing To Them

And for this elderly man, Cuomo and his cronies victimized him twice.  Once with their leftist policies that allowed a violent thug like Daniel Vargas to walk the streets.   And the second time when they made it virtually impossible for citizens to concealed carry in New York City.

But that’s their plan.

Create a dangerous city by releasing criminals and disarming innocent law-abiding citizens.  Not long after that, the people will beg for more government, more police, more Statist control so they can feel safe again.

How do you get people to give you more and more power over them without a fight?  Scare them into asking you to take their power ‘for their own good.’  The last month in America has shown the radical left that their tactic will work perfectly.  You’d almost think they’d tried it before.