Minnesota: Leftist Legislator Files Universal Background Checks Bill — Republicans Are Out To Lunch So It’s Up To The Grassroots To Stop It!

Photo Credit: screenshot from The Telegraph coverage of Minneapolis riots.  Editing by S.A.D.

Minneapolis, MN — If there were ever a state that should be having pro-gun legislation stampede through the legislature, Minnesota is it.  After sparking off riots in May of 2020 that lasted for weeks, the city was left with a $350 million dollars in damage and over 1,300 damaged or destroyed buildings.

What’s worse, their police department is running 200 officers below normal — around 30% down!  We reported on Monday how the City Council of Minneapolis had recently voted to authorize spending $6.4 million taxpayer dollars trying to recruit more police officers after unanimously voting to pledge to dissolve the police department entirely!

Their homicide rate is up 50%, and their carjackings were up 537% in November!

This is a state that has been brought to it’s knees by radical leftist agitators in recent months!  The need for gun rights expansion is as plain as day to law-abiding gun owners with at least one working eyeball!

But no luck for Minnesota’s gun owners who might be waiting for Republican legislators to do their jobs.

Instead of Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka leading the charge to expand Minnesota’s gun rights, the left is still marching forward unhindered, trying to pass even more gun control!

ALERT: Gun Control Bill Filed

Radical, anti-gun Bloomberg puppet, Minnesota Democrat Rep. Dave Pinto,  along with long-time gun control advocate Ron Latz, has just introduced H.F.694, a socialist takeover bill known as Universal Background Checks.

This bill would require an FBI NICS background check on every single firearms transfer — no exceptions!

Not only is that an outrageous attack on the Second Amendment, this nasty bill is terrible for another reason!

These NICS background checks would all be stored in a database — and this ‘universal background check’ would essentially become a database of every gun owner in the state!

The bill was filed on February 4th, and by February 8th, it had already gathered 24 cosponsors!

They are: Hortman; Moller; Schultz; Stephenson; Kotyza-Witthuhn; Youakim; Morrison; Freiberg; Lee; Huot; Edelson; Howard; Olson, L.; Long; Pryor; Feist; Frazier; Fischer; Reyer; Hornstein; Davnie; Boldon; Hanson, J.; and  Hollins.

Needless to say, this bill has legs and could move unless gun owners speak up — and fast!

Powerful Friends To Help Fight Back

Minnesota’s Republicans aren’t much to brag on, but thanks to their weakness and ineptitude, the state has developed a massive and powerful grassroots gun organization, the Minnesota Gun Rights.

That organization sent out an email on February 6th commenting on how egregious Rep. Pinto’s bill is:

So if you wanted to give your wife a pistol for self defense, you’d have to take her down to an FFL or the local sheriff’s office and run a background check, ON YOUR OWN WIFE, before being forced to transfer that firearm into her name — or you’d be a felon.

If you wanted to give an old army rifle to your grandson who is coming of age, you’d both be FELONS for the “crime” of not running a background check on your grandson and transferring the firearm into his name.

Not only does this apply when giving a firearm to a trusted family member or close friend, under Universal Background Checks, even loaning a shotgun to your best friend for a weekend hunting trip without first running a background check and transferring the firearm into their name would make you GUILTY, under this law.

Now, we see bad Universal Background check bills filed all over the country ever legislative session.  But most of them have the common sense God gave a flea and make ‘carve outs’ for family members, spouses, children and grandchildren, etc.

These bills are still outrageous, but they make it easier to get Republican politicians to compromise by watering them down to make them sliiiighly less offensive — and it works all the time!

But Representative Pinto?  He didn’t even make those exceptions!  No, EVERY SINGLE transfer!  The Minnesota Gun Rights email went on:

We all know what the real agenda is here.  Universal Background Checks is nothing more than a massive statewide gun registration scheme designed to tell Tim Walz and Joe Biden’s Feds who owns what guns and where they live.

We Haven’t Seen The Last Of These Bills By A Long Shot

These ‘gun owner database’ bills are going to be popping up all over the country.  In fact, Sheila Jackson Lee’s HR. 127 would mandate the registration of every gun in America — and even includes the registration of ammunition!

Gun owners, it’s time to stand up and fight these nasty bills because if we don’t stop them, they’re going to ram them down our throats!