Minneapolis City Council Radicals To Spend $6.4 MILLION Tax Dollars In Attempt To Recruit New Police Officers — Hows That ‘Defunding The Police’ Working Out?

Minneapolis, MN — Is it too little, too late?  That’s what many residents are wondering after the Minneapolis City Council voted to spend $6.4 million taxpayer dollars trying to recruit more police officers to their massively understaffed department.

Keloland news reports:

MINNEAPOLIS – Minneapolis will spend $6.4 million to hire dozens of police officers, even as some City Council members and activist groups are advocating to replace the police department following George Floyd’s death.

The council voted unanimously on Friday to approve the additional funding, which was requested by police. The department says it only has 638 officers available to work, roughly 200 fewer than usual.

An unprecedented number of officers quit or took extended medical leave after Floyd’s death and the unrest that followed. Reports say that the city hopes to have 674 officers by the end of the year.

We reported earlier in the year that the city had seen nearly 65 officers leave the police force in the first few months after Black Lives Matter rioters had been given free reign to destroy the city by their pandering — and often openly supportive — City Council.

The Mayor, Democrat Jacob Frey, boldly announced that he had no plans to rehire them — after all, the City Council had unanimously approves a pledge to abolish the Police Department entirely!

But a few months later, the city announced they were spending big money bringing in officers from nearby cities, the county sheriff’s deputies, and more.

But the hemorrhaging of officers continued, more than doubling the number of officers lost and leaving the liberal city entering the new year almost 200 officers shot of normal.

So here we are: the taxpayers of Minnesota are going to bail out the leftist policies implemented and encouraged by their radical socialist politicians like Ilhan Omar and dozens more officials like her.

It’s Not Rocket Science…

We feel really sorry for the decent, law-abiding citizens of Minneapolis.  Between their radical Democrat governors harsh shut-down orders and the fact that their Capitol City  went up in flames live on national television for several weeks last summer, they’ve got a hard sell convincing people to live and work there.

Add in the winters these cops have to put up with and it’s no wonder they’re leaving in droves! But as the cops leave, the crime is skyrocketing — and the left’s solutions are just making the problem worse.

Will The Real Republicans Please Stand Up?

Now it’s a just a waiting game.  Will Republicans in charge of the Minnesota Senate — including Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka — finally pull their heads out of the snowbank and push to pass some good gun laws for their rightfully worried voters?

If the past is any indication, they won’t.

Instead, Gazelka and pals will stand around with their fingers in their ears and whistle past the graveyard — the same graveyard that holds the burnt-out carcass of their once-beautiful, peaceful capital city!

These Republicans hope that voters don’t notice that their cowardice has left them waiting silently, wringing their hands and clucking — while the left is busy destroying their state from the top down!

If those are Republicans — the party who is supposed to fight for America’s freedom-loving ideals — the rest of the state might as well pack up and move out before Minneapolis is the next Chicago or Detroit.