Texas Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Files MONSTER Federal Gun Control Bill That’s Packed With Everything The Left Wants For America

It’s hard to take Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee too seriously given some of her history of saying crazy things.
But there’s nothing funny about the monster gun control bill Jackson Lee just filed, H.R. 127.

If Jackson Lee’s bill, H.R.127 became law, it would unleash awful things:

1. Mandate the registration of all firearms AND ammunition across the country! 
The anti-gun left has wanted this unofficial gun owners database for decades, but Jackson Lee has expanded it from just guns to the ammunition, as well.

2. BAN .50 caliber ammo!  After Jackson Lee’s embarrassing mistake involving .50 caliber ammo, you’d think she’d leave this topic alone, but she’s still trying to ban it!

3. Require MENTAL HEALTH exams in order to buy a gun or ammo!  That’s right!  Your gun rights will be in the hands of a psychiatrist who might ask what you thought about President Trump, what you think about the election, or any number of other leftist talking points.

4. BAN all magazines that hold more than 10 rounds.  Not just ‘high capacity’ magazines for ‘assault weapons’ but for ANY gun, even a concealed carry handgun!

5. Establish a National Ammo Registry so the government knows who own what ammo.  Never mind that this is entirely unconstitutional, gun owners haven’t forgotten that California already has a law requiring gun owners to pass a background check in order to buy ammo.  This is just an expansion of that radical law to the rest of the U.S.!

6. Mandate Civil Liability insurance for gun owners.  We’ve talked about how insane this sort of legislation is before, essentially making the good guy who owns a gun financially responsible for the actions of a violent criminal who might steal his gun.   But more fundamental than that, who do they think this expensive legislation will affect — and thus disarm — the most?  The poor, minorities, and women!  Proof once more that the left’s ‘compassion’ is just virtue signaling for votes!

7. Make you pay $800 PER YEAR to get a national “license” to own a firearm or ammo.  Of course, it’s insane to think that one has to pay a fee to exercise any of the rights contained in the Constitution, but since Joe Biden has already suggested a tax like this — totaling $34 BILLION dollars in new taxes on gun owners — this might not be much of a stretch!

Exactly What Crime Would This Prevent?

To be very clear, we think H.R. 127 has nothing to do with public safety or reducing violent crime. It’s clear to us that this bill is nothing more than a tool for radical socialists in Congress who want to find a way to demonize, harass, and then disarm gun owners.

After all, what good would this legislation do to stop the violent Antifa and BLM thugs who rioted, burned, and looted their way across the country last year?

Nothing, because even when they were arrested, Soros-funded prosecutors released them without charges!  Heck, one California District Attorney — whose campaign chest old George filled — said that her office had to consider if the looters “needed” the items they were taking before filing charges against them!

But this bill wouldn’t even stop every day ‘regular’ violent crime, either, as criminals would simply ignore this law like they ignore the other gun control laws that are already on the books.

The Real Purpose Of Bills Like H.R. 127

Bills like this are meant to do one of two things:

Option A:  The bill gets defeated due to cowardly Republicans compromising with the anti-gun left and surrendering some of our gun rights in another area.  Then those same GOP sellouts will crow loudly about how strongly pro-gun they are while having given the left just what they wanted — they helped them chisel away at our gun rights!

Option B:  This monster bill passes and the Second Amendment is twisted and crushed out of all recognition.  If you’re unsure what that would look like, just imagine modern-day Europe.

If this bill passes, this legislation will be used to weaponize the Department of Justice and mental health staffers against gun owners, for the sole purpose of declaring us ‘unstable,’ taking away our gun rights forever.

Every single gun owner needs to get personally involved in the fight for their gun rights in 2021.  The left has all hands on deck and they’re playing for keeps!

We’ve written before how we think that the American Firearms Association represents our type of Second Amendment fight.  They’re down-and-dirty — and not trying to make friends with the Swamp Monsters!  Fill out their box below to sign a petition that will go right to YOUR federal representatives telling them to VOTE NO on this gun control nightmare bill.